Jan 23, 2018

Update: Party That Did 9/11, Lied About Iraq And Killed Millions Of People Have Been Caught Lying About Thier Military Propaganda. Clearly All The GOP Wants To Do Is Destroy America.

1. Establishment GOP's Hypocrisy On Veterans Is So Thick You Could Cut It With A Knife, How Could The Media Miss This?
2. Trump's "Mitch McConnell" Strategy & Trump's Parade Of Shills
3. Height Of Hypocrisy 7: The Executive Order & Dictator/Tyrant Hypocrisy

Notice: Democrats asked for unanimous agreement to keep military pay on going and Mitch McConnell said no. This FURTHER illustrates Mitch McConnell's true intentions as many of his actions before this (i.e. he is yet another Koch puppet). 

Lawrence: With 'I object,' McConnell owns shutdown's worst harms Lawrence O'Donnell explains how Democrats, specifically Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, outsmarted Mitch McConnell and forced the GOP to take full ownership of the shutdown's most harmful effects. Duration: 11:51

Note: These sorts of deceptions are normal, mainstream, GOP behavior. For example: Ted Cruz said he always opposed government shutdowns. He told Hannity something else in 2013.
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told reporters he has “consistently opposed shut downs,” a statement that contradicts his position in 2013.

Republicans draft memo to smear FBI, plan public release Rachel Maddow reports on a plan by Republicans to use their access to intelligence materials to write a memo that smears the FBI in order to undercut American intelligence and law enforcement as it investigates Donald Trump. Duration: 2:42

Conclusions: The saga of the traitors attack on America continues. Why we have a Nazi party in charge of the Government, or even a media channel and mainstream American party is hard to explain but the simple situation is that we have a bonafide, WW2 levelNazi party in control of a great deal of resources and thier attacks continue unabated while our media ignores the scientific facts of history and the scientific facts of 9/11 (not to mention the outright media coverup of Iraq and Bernie Sanders). Nothing indicates the fall of a society more than the fact that it can't accept its own science in "mainstream" discussions and media coverage than that. To say that our media no longer functions in any useful capacity is an understatement. It seems to have all out debates with the Nazi party while avoiding anything true that would put them away in our prisons for good to simply continue on the fight. Or so it seems. In reality our species sings about bravery but is not brave. We sing about freedom but we can't even define it. Welcome to 21st century Earth. A partly scientific and partly medieval age founded on a huge mound of dead civilizations to the point where we seem to be on the verge of destroying ourselves and our civilization completely, like we have done many times before.

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