Jan 17, 2018

9/11 History: The "Free Press" Ended A Long Time Ago (Or Maybe It Has Just Been Compromised By Stockholms Syndrome Since 9/11 By The GOP?)

1. BREAKING: "WTC 7 Did Not Collapse from Fire" Dr. Leroy Hulsey... Engineering Experts, 9/11 Families And A Former NIST Employee Call On Congress To Launch A New Investigation Into 9/11! 
2. Radio Talks On The"Bobby McIlvaine Act" To Reopen The Investigation Into 9/11
3. GOP: The Anti-Science Party (Or A Look At The Intellectual Foundations Of America's Nazi Party)
4. Height Of Hypocrisy 7: The Executive Order & Dictator/Tyrant Hypocrisy
5. 9/11 History: The Strange 9/11 Commission Coverups

Problems with the media when it comes to 9/11 science and other discussion of 9/11 truth related activism is covered in this post.

This is probably the best article on the subject of media silence and complicity with the GOP around issues such as 9/11 (this is probably where the helping the GOP trend in the media comes from)...

In modern Western societies, if a new idea is covered in a serious way on television or in the newspaper, then, and only then, is it considered “real.” Well, at least it becomes discussable in polite company.

“The primary purpose of gathering and distributing news and opinion is to serve the general welfare by informing the people and enabling them to make judgments on the issues of the time.”1 — Statement of Principles by the American Society of Newspaper Editors asne article v2 768 What is wrong with the Western media? Why have they not jumped at the opportunity to cover the scoop of the century — the wealth of crystal-clear evidence that proves the government has been lying about the attacks of September 11, 2001, for the past sixteen years? That’s a question many of us in the 9/11 Truth community have wrestled with — even agonized over — ever since that world-changing, tragic day. Consider, then, how much more investigative journalists, who are trained to delve for truth and adhere to the above-cited principles of their profession, have been agonizing — not just since 9/11, but for decades — over the disastrous breakdown of the press. Some of them have written volumes about their frustration and disillusionment, and in those volumes they have analyzed the causes of that breakdown. Now that I’ve read their plethora of analyses probing what has gone wrong with the Western press, how can I possibly summarize these investigative journalists’ conclusions so that my readers will understand the enormity of the problem?

To read the details of this well thought out article CLICK HERE.

I want to note one thing in particular, the fact the ONLY media discussion can make it acceptable to discuss something many people already believe (in private)...

THE MOST POWERFUL REASON GOOD PEOPLE BECOME SILENT To reiterate, the role of the media is the primary reason why good people become silent — or worse — about 9/11. The media’s prominence is so embedded in our culture that its influence must not be underestimated. As noted in Part 2, the “early adopters” in any society influence the population to consider — or not consider — the reality of a new idea. In ours, it is neither the shaman, nor the tribal chieftain, nor the wise elder whose edicts, opinions, and ideas we hold in such high regard. Rather, in modern Western societies, if a new idea is covered in a serious way on television or in the newspaper, then, and only then, is it considered “real.” Well, at least it becomes discussable in polite company. But, at the time of this writing, 16 years after 9/11, the idea that elements within the United States government could pull off such a massive false flag operation as 9/11 is still not discussable in polite company. For many Americans, the very notion is shocking and disgusting, or at least discomfiting. It brings a pall to any party. Let’s imagine that, soon after 9/11, some of the mainstream media had even begun to research and carefully question aspects of the official account of the day’s events. It’s fair to say that readers and listeners would have realized that they, too, had permission to question the government-sanctioned narrative — even in polite company. The official story would not have garnered such a unified consensus. But that’s not what happened. Instead, the media became loyal stenographers of the government’s account, resulting in the official story becoming solidly anchored in the public mind.9

I think many people are aware of the truth about 9/11 but, because of media silence, would never say it out loud in public. Here is some evidence for that belief...

ALL OUR OLD PRESIDENTS ARE BACK 10/23/2017 The five living former American presidents came together at a hurricane relief fundraiser, and Trevor noticed that they looked more like a reunited 90s boy band.


At 1:18 when Trevor asks this question the reaction of, clearly, a LARGE part of the audience was shock and horror that Trevor SAID THAT OUT LOUD (at least that is my impression). This solidifies the case in the article that people are used to talking about stuff publicly ONLY if the media has made it OK to do so by talking about it themselves. I think, at this point in time, so many people have realized the truth about 9/11 (especially people who listen to conspiracies even if its just to see what they are) that its a fundamental part of decision making for many people in politics. Note: Alex Jones was a main proponent of 9/11 being a GOP job (and was popularized by Trump so that's another source for such a wide spread of 9/11 truth (if not necessarily 9/11 science).

Then the joke continues.

When dealing with people who genuinely have no idea of 9/11 science we are generally dealing with a mythological viewpoint of "a free press" (which media is quick to promote to capitalize on)...

So I mentioned that I was reading an article indicating that elements within our government may have at least cooperated with those who attacked us. His eyes widened as he retorted without hesitation: “I’ve never heard of this and I read The New York Times! Surely if there were anything to this accusation, we would have heard of it from our liberal media. The Times is constantly Bush-bashing, so that liberal rag would have certainly reported such evidence, if it were credible.” At the time I was fairly naïve about our media but was at least aware that it was anything but “liberal.”3 Had it been, we would have seen political pundits at least questioning the sanity of bombing and invading Iraq. Instead, columnists and reporters had militantly cheered the upcoming invasions of both Afghanistan and Iraq. {Me: Also see An Introduction To, & Overview Of, The Mainstream Corporate Media - Abe} I responded to his remark by describing the stunning evidence of air defense failure that I had learned from watching Barrie Zwicker’s DVD, The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw.4 I also mentioned the intelligence breakdown described in Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed’s book, The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001.5 Then I concluded, in a matter-of-fact tone, that there seemed to be a media blackout on evidence that contradicted the official story. Hearing me question the media's integrity, my acquaintance’s eyes now narrowed with suspicion. His body language let me know that he was unwilling to give me any more of his precious time on this beautiful, sunny afternoon. He abruptly headed toward the snack tray on the far side of the patio, leaving me standing there quite alone. Clearly, his faith in America’s “free press” was unshakeable. We skeptics of the official story of 9/11 are painfully aware of the mythological nature of our “free and liberal press.”

This means that these people will be heavily resistant to 9/11 science and if they do realize it they will probably be very upset and thus even more likely to succumb to fear and silence...

Some more context to understand media:

CNN's Model For Reporting & Journalism Has A Problem With Conveying The Whole Truth Based On Facts To Its Viewers Because Of Its "Both Sides" Format That Places Outright Lies On the Same Footing With Facts On Their "Facts First" Apple-Banana Channel (Doesn't apply to 9/11 science as they just skipped it but reveals a pattern)

NBC/MSNBC's Hidden Role As "The Rights, Left"

Fox News - And Right Wing Media - Is Nothing More Than A Conspiracy & Nazi-Style Propaganda Ring

An Introduction To, & Overview Of, The Mainstream Corporate Media

Corporate Media's Iraq War Coverup: Incontrovertible Proof Of Network News & The Beltway Media Covering Facts About The Iraq War For Their GOP Masters

I think the media is going through some sort of Stockholms Syndrome as they are too smart to ignore ALL this scientific evidence of 9/11 science, thus fear must predominate media on some level making them useless as truth sources for the GOP (on some level and to some extent, as media demonstrated during the Bush years and after)

Another example of an interesting audience reaction;

At 1:45 a sequence begins with laughter (with some individual peaks of laughter) that is very revealing..

IN OTHER NEWS: OSAMA BIN LADEN, BARACK OBAMA & A LAWYER DOG 11/2/2017 The CIA releases Osama bin Laden's internet history, former President Barack Obama is summoned to jury duty, and a Louisiana man's slangy request for a lawyer is denied.


You can tell some of the laughter in the background is of the sort indicating they are thinking 'because He didn't do it"

Once again notice the tenor of the laughter.

The close with some disbeliefed clapping is just classic 'i dont believe it, he actually said the truth on air but he didn't really' (is there a tinge of disappointment in that clapping that I detect?).

But its true, as a GROUP of Engineers and Architects (currently at 2964) NOT bought by the GOP led government (outlined in my Height of Hypocrisy Series), will tell you is true. Jet fuel CAN'T melt steel...

Here are some discussions on 9/11 science, journalism etc. that may help gain some perspective;

In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, assistant professor of sociology Richard G. Ellefritz, Ph.D., discusses his doctoral dissertation, which explores, among other things, the use of the label "conspiracy theorist" by defenders of the official story of any event. Their purpose, he says, is to discredit people who question events like 9/11 and to shut down debate.

11/9/17: Truls Lie and David Llewelyn
In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, newspaper editor Truls Lie and mechanical engineer David Llewelyn discuss the controversy that erupted in the Norwegian mainstream media after Lie published the World Trade Center evidence earlier this year.

9/11 Freefall Radio: "Truth and Shadows" writer Craig McKee joins 9/11 Free Fall host Andy Steele to discuss his two most recent articles — one reviewing a section of David Ray Griffin's latest book, the other describing an online debate McKee recently had with journalists.

11/23/17: Thomas Nørgaard
In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, host Andy Steele is joined by Danish school teacher Thomas Nørgaard, whose position as a teacher was challenged by the media in Denmark after he discussed the World Trade Center evidence of controlled demolition on the radio.

Volunteer Tony Nardella joins host Andy Steele to discuss the 9/11 Truth outreach effort on Capitol Hill during this year’s commemoration of September 11, 2001.

In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, host Andy Steele plays and comments on archived clips of the favorable answers from a few members of Congress when they are questioned, on live TV, about the World Trade Center evidence. He also goes over an article that tackles commonly-held fears that prevent people from achieving their goals and relates these fears to 9/11 activism.

It should be noted that Congress and the GOP have already conducted multiple investigations on Benghazi , including one by Republicans that cleared wrong doing in Benghazi (showing clearly that Benghazi is a Fox News hoax like the GOP's current HOAX hearings into Trump-Russia collusion), while 9/11 has had only one commission, it had many faults (that caused no media outcry), and now any mention of scientific facts is dismissed as "conspiracy theory". GOP is doing the same for Climate Change, by the way. Even now we have top GOP officials in offices like the EPA and Education doing what GOP do best (acting like dictators). At the very least the left shouldn't be falling for fake science on 9/11 especially given how many lies were told about Iraq and how the GOP are continuing this tradition under Trump.

Note: After 9/11 media and Government (particularly with connections to the GOP and establishment Democrats) became joined. This image is an old one outlining "crony capitalism" (where media and Government, and thus free speech and complete truth, becomes intertwined)...

This could be another factor in media silence on 9/11 science, i.e. "synergy"...

Moment Of Zen;

Host Andy Steele is joined by Dr. Jonathan Weisbuch, MD, MPH, to discuss post-9/11 illnesses among first responders and lower Manhattan residents, who are getting sick and dying in increasing numbers as a result of the purposeful decision to level the World Trade Center towers with explosives. 9/11 cancerJonathan Weisbuch

BTW, the attempt to kill 9/11 first responders is embedded in GOP politics now...

LAME-AS-F@#K CONGRESS DECEMBER 13, 2010 - Here's a tribute to a few Republican senators who find comfort and advantage in invoking the heroes of 9/11 but refuse to give them health care. (8:16)

I.e. the 1st responders are eyewitnesses, so the poor GOP has no choice but to wage war on them to hide thier 9/11 coverup?


As I've noted before, being nice to GOP appears to be a left wing model for journalism to the point where even treason is ignored/enabled and as such reflects an "evolved" level of media that would be better termed public relations rather than actual all encompassing informing as the word "news" suggests to the populace (as George Orwell quote suggests below). I've called it cowardice as a political tactic but there is actual areas where GOP and Democrats overlap (such as accepting lobbying money or having lobbyists write thier laws for them that benefit the lobbyists/bribers). The main difference seems to be how far one party will go. Democrats will still look out for the public's interest in their policies most of the time (even if a great deal of $ goes to corporations at expense of the people). While the GOP ("the war party") seems to go out of its way to hurt the public (and the nation) to get an extra buck or simply because thier in too deep in the bed of treason and now there is no way out without destroying their reputations as well, so they are destroying the nation in an ultimate act of treason to avoid facing justice. (Though, to be fair, The Past 5 GOP Presidents Have Used Fraud and Treason to Steer Themselves to Electoral Victory The deception started long before Donald Trump.)

Example of monetary incentive silencing 9/11 investigation: Paul Ryan seems to have accepted money in the GOP's last financial scam (financial scams appears to be of the goals of winning an election for the GOP as part of its profitability model for politics) and thus would never reopen the investigation into 9/11 as that leads to Iraq and the financial scam of 2008 which most of the GOP - and maybe even some democrats - may have participated in to various extents and are thus silent on 9/11. (I got lots of theories, I know)

More research;


I SMASH Corporate Media!!!


9/11 Analyzed

9/11 History

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