Nov 24, 2017

An Overview Of The GOP/Republicans With The Daily Show - Part 22 (2001 - The Bush Presidency)

MOMENT OF ZEN - A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE 1/23/2001 A woman complains about President George W. Bush taking away "a woman's right to choose."

BACK IN BLACK - GEORGE W. BUSH'S INAUGURATION 1/24/2001 Ricky Martin acts at the fool at George W. Bush's inauguration.

OTHER NEWS - MISEDUCATION OF CAPITOL HILL 1/24/2001 President George W. Bush proposes a multi-million dollar education plan and calls for students to be tested not on what they know but who they know.

FAITH-BASED ACTION 1/30/2001 Constitution huggers are giving Bush some resistance over his plan to fund faith-based social programs.

HEADLINES - BILL OF WRONGS 2/12/2001 Republican leaders respond to cynicism and questions about the fairness of our democratic process by attempting to impeach ex-president Bill Clinton.

An Overview Of The GOP/Republicans With The Daily Show

BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

Overview Of The GOP/Republicans

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