Nov 25, 2017

The Collusion Evidence Is Pretty Conclusive... Trump, His Family & Campaign Staff/Allies Are All Traitors!

Background: Impeaching The Trump Administration For Obstruction Of Justice Part 4 - The Reason For Obstruction Becomes Apparent With Enough Collusion Evidence For Impeachment

What, on the campaign trail, looked like random talk to Russia using TV and campaign speeches turned out to be actual collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to subvert US Elections in their favor to wage a class war (& Nazi war) on America. The following outlines the confirmed collusion so far which is pretty damning evidence.

The case against Trump for collusion Did Donald Trump or his campaign cooperate with Russian operatives to engage in a systematic effort to disrupt the American election in 2016? Duration: 10:53

The case against Trump for obstruction If Special Counsel Robert Mueller ultimately presents evidence that Donald Trump tried to obstruct justice, it's entirely possible that it happened in plain sight. Duration: 7:07

Donald Trump

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