Apr 13, 2017

Highlights Of 9/11... With The Daily Show (Part 2)

Part 1: Highlights Of 9/11... With The Daily Show (Part 1)

Part 2...

The defense for 9/11 by the Bush Administration essentially came down to "we are incompetent so you can't blame us"...

9/11 COMMISSION - RICE TESTIFIES APRIL 8, 2004 - The Bush administration didn't have a plan, rather a compendium of strategic, suggestive recommendations, in a pre-implementatory mode. (3:16)

Moment of Zen...

MOMENT OF ZEN - CONDOLEEZZA RICE APRIL 8, 2004 Condoleezza Rice testifies before the 9/11 investigation commission regarding Osama Bin Laden. (0:23)

Note: I think the GOP's main fear was probably that people might see through their incompetence strategy to them having been the perpetrators of 9/11... using previous memos as their coverup. Fortunately for them, the media died a long time ago... and certainly on 9/11 which could be said to mark the point the "news" media in the United States truly ended for good. To this day they talk without putting 9/11, Iraq, or the GOP in context creating a show so ridiculous that I, at least, have lost all faith in "humanity" or at least that part of "humanity" represented by "journalists". Even Maddow pointed out that the media wasn't covering the past during election campaigns giving the GOP a chance at winning by avoiding their past lies. Useless the news media is.

To keep their story going the Bush Administration began to limit access to any information that would get them hanged...

BOB KERREY PT. 1 APRIL 26, 2004 The Bush administration has been very difficult with the 9/11 commission. (5:28)

Fortunately, Democrats have been cowards for decades so they helped keep everything quite by hiding documents that could expose their cowardice for not opposing the GOP's obvious treason (whose hypocrisy, from not being caught, has just reached comical levels today)...

THOMAS KEAN AUGUST 16, 2006 - Thomas Kean talks about the process of getting over two million documents in spite of bipartisan resistance to the 9/11 commission. (7:17) 

Ultimately, everyone watching the 9/11 commission proceedings knew the Bush Administration was hiding something (except he media of course, being owned by the GOP by this point)...

PHILIP SHENON FEBRUARY 11, 2008 Jon tries to finger one person in particular for the 9/11 bungling with the help of the New York Times journalist and author. (5:52)

... though, unlike the repeated Benghazi investigations "to get at the truth", the 3000 people dying on 9/11 through impossible architectural "first times" didn't even get a second look! (though it could be argued, given all the evidence, that they didn't even get a first look... but that's not how it was marketed on cable news media).

Clearly, the narrative of gross incompetence sat well with the media despite all the evidence to the contrary (though they would never say that out loud) and that became the established story for 9/11. i.e. Bush Administration was caught by surprise... the fact that Dick Cheney ordered a stand down never even came up! Why? To let his plan come to completion obviously! In any case, 9/11 was a good day for Cheney. People still think the piece of plane planted at the Pentagon constitutes normal debris from a crashing plane when it clearly doesn't (though "journalists" caught up in the glory of being on TV, couldn't care less).

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