Apr 12, 2017

Highlights Of 9/11... With The Daily Show (Part 1)

9/11 History: An Architect’s Guide To The Anomalies Around World Trade Center Building 7
9/11 History: Breaking News From Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth (www.AE911truth.Org)
9/11 History: The Strange 9/11 Commission Coverups

9/11 is the ultimate proof that George Orwell was right. Through media you CAN control the population.

OPERATION ENDURING COVERAGE - ONLY GOOD NEWS NOVEMBER 28, 2001 - The attacks of 9/11 have done wonders for the American News Media's reputation. (0:49)

Despite missing/ignoring ALL the signs of a coverup, the media (a necessary tool to control the state as George Orwell indicated) became "cool "and still flaunt their coolness to this day despite there being no proof of this.

Of course, as soon as you put a person who is a war criminal, in charge of investigating 9/11 the warning bells should have gone off. But Henry Kissinger, a strong Nixon ally, is something of a celebrity in media and in politics;

KISSINGER DAZZLE DECEMBER 4, 2002 - As President Bush appoints Henry Kissinger to lead the autonomous inquiry in the 9/11 attacks, Kissinger's inner monologue is loudly heard. (2:44)

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Science Kissinger managed to overlook (as per GOP anti-science policy) as covered by these background posts:

9/11 History: An Architect’s Guide To The Anomalies Around World Trade Center Building 7

9/11 History: Breaking News From Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth (www.AE911truth.Org)

9/11 History: The Strange 9/11 Commission Coverups

Right from the start there were problems with the 9/11 investigation...

NONPORT REPORT JULY 28, 2003 - The far more likely explanation for 28 pages of blacked out findings in the 9/11 report is that the Bush administration is giving us contemporary conceptual art. (4:03)

This, I think, illustrates the essence & legacy of Foreign Policy over the Bush years. Blame (as per the "Southern Strategy") and then attack, even appearing to be a hypocrite if need be, it doesn't matter as long as the media helps with the narrative... big explosions with many people - men,women and children - dying is simply "beautiful" or glorious.

INTRO - PROOF OCTOBER 2, 2001 - The Taliban want to see proof that Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. (2:00)

Horrible. They asked for proof and we bombed them cause we did 9/11! How the army Generals must have been thinking: Well, proof would have been hard to do since in retrospect all evidence points to demolition bombs being used to destroy the THREE buildings on 9/11. Unless Osama had access to magical genies, the only possible solution is that we did 9/11 ourselves and blamed colored people for it as per the GOP's traditional Southern Strategy (religion is the decoy). In fact, 9/11 can be said to be the ultimate result of decades of allowing the Southern Strategy to be used as mainstream politics and not necessarily Trump, as some people believe cause they don't take into account the highest rated fake channel no one seems to talk about. Also, current state of GOP politics is a direct result of the obvious 9/11 and Iraq War coverups - the ACTIONS of 9/11 & the Iraq war are the direct results of the Southern Strategy (so, no, it's not the Southern Strategy that's the source of GOP problems today, as some people believe).

However, the Taliban mistreated thier woman. So we didn't need to show em proof. We just bombed as many men, women and children we could find. Problem solved! (I never said we were sane)

Ultimately, how we handled 9/11 led to the lies and invasion of Iraq... though evidence has emerged that invading Iraq was being planned BEFORE 9/11!!!

CELEBRITY MOLE JANUARY 12, 2004 - The White House draws up Iraqi war plans, six months before the 9/11 attacks. (3:28)

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