Dec 14, 2016

Daily Show On Bill O Reilly: 2013

MINIMUM WAGE & MCDONALD'S SPENDING JOURNAL JULY 22, 2013 - Bill O'Reilly blames poverty on personal choice, and McDonald's creates a sample employee budget that excludes heat and health care. (7:24)

RONALD REAGAN ON THE SYRIAN CONFLICT SEPTEMBER 9, 2013 - Conservatives like Bill O'Reilly have an unconditional ability to know what Super Reagan would do at any given time. (3:05)

WHY BILL O'REILLY? SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 - Jon thanks the sponsors behind Bill O'Reilly's many Daily Show appearances. (1:33)

BLOOD IN THE WATER - BILL O'REILLY'S "KILLING JESUS" OCTOBER 2, 2013 Bill O'Reilly claims the Holy Spirit directed him to write a book about Jesus that's more accurate than the Bible. (7:04)

WORLD WAR C - HAPPY HOLIDAYS DECEMBER 3, 2013 - Sarah Palin and Bill O'Reilly rush to Christmas's defense, despite its not being in any way threatened. (6:31)

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