Dec 14, 2016

Daily Show On Bill O Reilly: 2012-13

NONTRADITIONAL NON-WHITE AMERICA NOVEMBER 7, 2012 - Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly claims that the presidential election wasn't decided by a "traditional" America, and MSNBC's Donny Deutsch reveals changing Senate demographics. (1:59)

IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES, IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES NOVEMBER 15, 2012 - Bill O'Reilly celebrates America's greatest tradition -- a fevered ruling class lamenting the rise of a diverse new class that will destroy the American experiment. (5:06)

THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS: FRIENDLY FIRE EDITION - BILL O'REILLY'S PHILOSOPHY DECEMBER 3, 2012 - Bill O'Reilly hands atheists another thing that they can't believe. (2:48)

BILL O'REILLY ON GAY MARRIAGE MARCH 27, 2013 - If Bill O'Reilly is now pro-gay marriage, then back when he said gay marriage was like marrying a goat, he was really saying that he's pro-goat marriage. (5:10)

BILL O'REILLY GETS MEAN MAY 13, 2013 - Bill O'Reilly dismisses a study on diplomatic attacks during the Bush administration and casts aspersions on Jon's Internet browsing habits. (2:39)

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