Nov 8, 2016

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 16 (2007)

Part 15: The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 15 (2007)

Part 16...

JACK CAFFERTY OCTOBER 1, 2007 - Men in suits forced author and CNN commentator Jack Cafferty to apologize for calling Donald Rumsfeld a war criminal. (6:16)

Note: Since then we have proof of media covering up a report by a bi-partisan committee saying Cheney/Bush MISLED us into a war AND we have had Rachel Maddow comment twice on how the media doesn't like to talk about the Bush wars and how network news gave the GOP a free pass on the Iraq OIL War in the 2016 primaries (if it wasn't for Trump we would have had Jeb Bush for GOP nominee because media is bought or is owned by political interests that MUST have made money from the wars and thus want to keep it quite). In any case, the media has no problem hiding important news as that's what they get paid for (and are proud of it to the point of self-delusion). At least now we know what price buys thier silence (fame and a few extra thousand dollars a month... well within budget for billionaires and corrupt politicians).

INDECISION V.2.008 - HYPOTHETICAL LESBIANS JULY 24, 2007 - High-tech wizardry dominates the Democratic presidential debate hosted by CNN. (2:20)

YOUTUBE DEBATE JULY 24, 2007 - CNN hypes up its youth-oriented presidential debate, which was co-sponsored by YouTube. (3:26)

IN YOUR FACE JULY 24, 2007 - Jason Jones reports on the populist nature of CNN's historic YouTube debate. (2:17)

The Daily Show Does CNN

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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