Nov 25, 2016

Thanksgiving With The Daily Show 2 - Black Friday

BACK IN BLACK - CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS NOVEMBER 17, 1999 - If Lewis Black's math is right, Christmas is just two days after Thanksgiving. (2:13)

THE SHOPPING NEWS DECEMBER 2, 2003 - The day after Thanksgiving is about buying things for the family while standing on the head of a complete stranger. (3:03)

BLACK FRIDAY DEATHS DECEMBER 1, 2008 This year's Black Friday showed a three percent increase in retail sales and a death toll of three. (2:35)

BLACK FRIDAY: FLIPPING THE BIRD NOVEMBER 21, 2013 - Businesses extend Thanksgiving shopping hours, and turkey number 37740 shares its grievances with the world. (4:46)

MOMENT OF ZEN - THANKSGIVING SHOPPERS NOVEMBER 29, 2004 - A crowd of shoppers enters a Best Buy right after the gates are opened. (0:11)

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