Nov 25, 2016

How The FBI & Media Won Trump The Elections

1. Trevor Noah Demonstrates How The Media's Fake Scandals Makes The Candidates THEMSELVES Make Mistakes
2. The Media's "October Surprise" Is Just Another Big Fake Scandal! (With Stephen Colbert & Seth Meyers)

First off, I understand that this is a controversial position to have. The main media narrative is that Trump won the election because of his tactics and/or white voter angst that exists in a bubble, separate from the media. (i.e. they claim not to have influence on public opinion... something they normally claim to have power over). Basically I will show the FBI (Comey was/is a Trump supporter) and media won Trump the election through fear-mongering/fake-scandals and sensationalism.

The best guy in the statistics business had a Trump win at 30% but the media had it down to 2% in thier sensationalist narrative to get viewers to respond to them from thier bubbles (explained in background links above). Thus increasing fear in the "conservative" areas (better labeled as Fox News & GOP Echo Chamber Areas that they control to keep their seats/power like a Dictatorship, but worse... they can say it out in the open and face no consequences). Higher fear means higher turnout. FBI closing an investigation a day of two before elections is suspicious anyways ("Obama did it!"). 

First the video;

NATE SILVER - WHAT FIVETHIRTYEIGHT COULDN'T ACCOUNT FOR IN THE 2016 ELECTION NOVEMBER 14, 2016 - FiveThirtyEight editor Nate Silver clarifies what his 2016 election forecast actually said about Donald Trump's chances of winning the presidency against Hillary Clinton. (5:13)

Now a collection of articles with the basic information that needs to be put in context of what we know about the media from the background links above;

Here is an article from Politico NOTING that previous email investigation HAD reduced Hillary's polls numbers (i.e. we had historical precedent AND the fact of needing several days for the polls to reflect the FBI's interference in the election).

If you take into account newspapers NOT in the American media fold of misinformation for profit (synergy) then we get the idea that there was an idea floating around that media stories and stories created by the FBI IN the media could have an effect on public opinion as well (such as boost voter turnout in high-fear areas, which is what appears to have happened, i.e. the scare tactic through a fake scandal worked!)

Here we see Hillary's poll number go down yet everyone seems to believe the FBI investigation has nothing to do with it! How did they figure that out? Ask a bunch of scared voters?

That's how the FBI and the media stole the election! Fearmongering! (or you can assume the FBI knows nothing about media or politifact or the media's tendency to prefer sensationalism over journalism). 

Hillary, by the way, was right. The FBI won the election for Trump...

Hillary Clinton has blamed her defeat in the US presidential election on interventions by the FBI director.
James Comey's announcement of a new inquiry into her use of email while secretary of state shortly before election day had stopped her campaign's momentum, Mrs Clinton said.
The Democratic candidate was speaking to top party donors in a phone call, which was leaked to the media.
Protests are continuing against the victory of her rival, Donald Trump.
In New York, about 2,000 marchers headed for the skyscraper where the president-elect lives, shouting "not my president".
Anti-Trump activists have held daily protests in US cities since his election victory was confirmed on Wednesday.

Related news stories;

Alternet: FBI Director James Comey Had Trump-Pence Campaign Sign in Front of His House in ConnecticutMore partisanship from nation's top federal cop?

The Guardian: 'The FBI is Trumpland': anti-Clinton atmosphere spurred leaking, sources sayHighly unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton intensified after James Comey’s decision not to recommend an indictment over her use of a private email server

More proofs that the FBI and the media's fake news echo chamber won Trump the Presidency more than anything else;
Fox Insider:
 Emails: Clinton Asked Maid to Handle Classified Info

Echoing Trump, Fox Casts Doubt On FBI's Probe Into Clinton's Emails

A Look At The Lying Media

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