Nov 25, 2016

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 6 (2006)

Background: Case Study: The Fox News Echo Chamber Model Of "News" Is Designed To Encourage Dictatorships & Destroy Democracy

PORTSCENTER FEBRUARY 22, 2006Since 9/11, President George W. Bush has vowed to occasionally watch the news for any information about our ports. (4:47)

THE MOMENT OF ZEN - BIRD FLU MAY 4, 2006 - Fox News warns viewers about the threat of bird flu and the government's worst-case scenario. (0:13)

MOMENT OF ZEN - PEDOMETER MAY 9, 2006 - Donald Rumsfeld tells a Fox News interviewer how many steps he's walked for the day. (0:16)

MOMENT OF ZEN - TONY'S A STAR MAY 18, 2006 - Fred Barnes gives his opinion of Tony Snow on Fox News. (0:15)

MOMENT OF ZEN - ZARQAWI DEAD JUNE 8, 2006 - A Fox News anchor refers to Zarqawi's home as an "unsafe house." (0:17)

The Daily Show Does Fox News

A Look At The Lying Media

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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