Nov 12, 2016

Michael Moore Advises To Protest & Take Over The Democratic Party

Michael Moore: Get out and protest The filmmaker says the demonstrations that have broken out in the wake of Donald Trump's victory are only going to get bigger.

The To-Do List;

My responses to EACH point: 

1. My case for disbanding over the Democrat party (made during the Democratic primary after the Bernie Sanders suppression) can easily be altered to 'taking over the Democratic party'. The effect would be the same;

The Case To Disband The "Democratic" Party

Note: I pointed out the media apparent coverup of Bernie Sanders but it wasn't "news" until the DNC email link when the proof became too obvious to ignore. This also shows how little reasoning ability most people in the media have, i.e. the media themselves are a threat in how they analyse and present news as it tends to leave people uninformed (the only real difference is degree, i.e. the right just lies more by a large margin).

2. I have a list but it encompasses all of network "news", so I'm not much use here I'm afraid;

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

3. Dems don't fight, it's what they are known for. For example;

OBAMA AND THE PUSSY'CRATS NOVEMBER 6, 2014 - After holding off on several important legislative decisions until after the midterm elections, the Obama administration must decide how to handle divisive political issues. (5:07)

ON TOPIC - POLITICAL PARTIES - Stephen explores the weaknesses of the Democratic Party and explains why it's natural to assume that a misbehaving politician is a Democrat. (3:57)

THE WORD - DEMOCRATS MAY 17, 2006 - After Republicans gave President Bush flack for his immigration speech, Stephen felt it was time to get them back on the same page. (3:07)

(C) SPOT RUN! OCTOBER 12, 2010 - Democrats are furious about Republicans' untraceable ads because of their principled stand against fear mongering. (7:20)

BLUES CLUELESS JANUARY 27, 2010 - Aasif Mandvi unveils the new DNC possum logo that embodies their commitment to surrendering to Republicans. (7:53)

4. Agreed;

Rep. Dingell: Dems ignored Trump warnings Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) believes many in the rust belt left the Presidential ballot blank because they felt abandoned by both parties. She says Democrats need a solid economic message to win back Michigan voters who feel like the system is rigged against them.

5. Irrelevant. Unless you mean Trump doesn't have a popular mandate, then yes. Good point.

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