Nov 1, 2016

Halloween With The Daily Show Part 9 (The Trumpocalypse!)

Best Daily Show Halloween Special EVER!

INDECISION 2020: ENVISIONING PRESIDENT TRUMP'S FIRST TERMOCTOBER 31, 2016 - Trevor and The Best F#@king News Team take a terrifying look into the year 2020 to find out what America could look like if Donald Trump is elected president. (12:08)

JEFF ROSS - ENDURING LIFE UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMPOCTOBER 31, 2016 - Four years after Donald Trump is elected president, Jeff Ross reflects on his work in the billionaire's administration and weighs in on the depressing state of comedy. (3:36)

DIARY OF AN ANTI-TRUMP FUGITIVEOCTOBER 31, 2016 - Desi Lydic documents what President Donald Trump's America looks like for members of the media and women. (4:16)

BULLYING IN PRESIDENT TRUMP'S AMERICAOCTOBER 31, 2016 - President Donald Trump's administration inspires a PSA on the importance of bullying. (0:33)

Halloween Specials

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