Oct 4, 2016

The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 16 (Trump Lies & Scapegoats Muslims To Try And Win Through Fear)

WHAT THE ACTUAL FACT? - TRUTH AND FICTION IN THE GOP DEBATE NOVEMBER 11, 2015 - After the latest Republican debate, Desi Lydic fact-checks Ben Carson's information on the minimum wage as well as Donald Trump's story about meeting Vladimir Putin. (5:05)

This issue gets weirder and weirder every year. Related post: The Fox News Love Affair With Putin Is Affecting Our National Security 

TRAGEDY IN PARIS: THE THREE STAGES OF POLITICAL GRIEF NOVEMBER 17, 2015 Republican presidential contenders Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee exploit the ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris to score political points. (8:38)

This is how the GOP persecutes a minority group to instill fear and blind people to the facts (it's also how they get people killed). Related post; 

DONALD TRUMP'S ISLAMOPHOBIC, REPORTER-MOCKING SAGA NOVEMBER 30, 2015 - After coming under fire for claiming Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the 9/11 attacks, Donald Trumps mocks disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski for not backing his story. (7:08)

These 9/11 lies led to Muslims minorities being persecuted;

DONALD TRUMP: THE WHITE ISIS DECEMBER 8, 2015 - After GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump calls for a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S., Hasan Minhaj explains the real threat to the American way of life. (4:02)

DONALD TRUMP'S BAN ON MUSLIMS DECEMBER 8, 2015 - Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump proposes a plan to block all Muslims from entering the U.S. (5:28)

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