Oct 4, 2016

The Daily Show On Donald Trump - Part 15 (Trump Fights Through The GOP Primary)

DONALD TRUMP AND JEB BUSH BATTLE ON TWITTER OCTOBER 19, 2015 - Donald Trump takes to Twitter to criticize fellow presidential hopeful Jeb Bush for defending his brother George W. Bush's national security record. (6:18)

FEAR AND LOATHING AT THE GOP DEBATE DECEMBER 16, 2015 - During the latest Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas, Ted Cruz calls for targeted carpet bombs in Syria, and Jeb Bush stands up to front-runner Donald Trump. (9:17)

DONALD TRUMP'S EXTRAORDINARY BILL OF HEALTH DECEMBER 15, 2015 - Donald Trump releases a suspiciously glowing letter about his health from Dr. Harold Bornstein, which prompts Roy Wood Jr. and Hasan Minhaj to reenact the medical exam. (4:18)

WHO'S ACTUALLY SUPPORTING DONALD TRUMP? DECEMBER 15, 2015 - Jordan Klepper leads a focus group of probable Donald Trump voters to find out who's supporting the unconventional presidential candidate. (5:35)

THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS CONTINUES: DONALD TRUMPS VS. STARBUCKS NOVEMBER 10, 2015 - After Starbucks unveiled holiday cups that lacked explicit Christmas designs, presidential hopeful Donald Trump calls for a boycott of the coffee chain. (2:27)

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