Oct 16, 2016

The Daily Show Does NBC/MSNBC - Part 1

THIS JUST IN - WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, JOE DIMAGGIO? JANUARY 25, 1999 - During an interview segment with John Lithgow, NBC mistakenly reported on the death of baseball great "Joltin'" Joe DiMaggio. The mistake was that he wasn't dead. (0:00)

HEADLINES - YANKEE CLIPPED MARCH 8, 1999 - Joe DiMaggio is dead a mere two months after NBC tried to kill him off early. (1:19)

HEADLINES - DESTRUCTIVE PATH SEPTEMBER 15, 1999 - Steven Colbert utilizes NBC and CNN to track the storm from his warm, cushy and dry hotel suite. The storm is still raging, and people are still screwed. (3:07)

THIS JUST IN - THE GRAY MATTER OCTOBER 27, 1999 - Yankee hero Chad Curtis refuses to talk to NBC's Jim Gray, continuing a tradition women have been following for years. (1:46)

HEADLINES - LOWDOWN DIRTY SEAMUS NOVEMBER 4, 1999 - The NBC miniseries "The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns" has been criticized for its stereotypical portrayal of the Irish as brawling, drunken and four inches high. (1:18)

I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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