Oct 15, 2016

The Daily Show Does ISIS - Part 1

MESS O'POTAMIA - CLASSIC IRAQ JUNE 12, 2014 - Senior Iraq War Correspondent Jason Jones searches for a dictator capable of handling the invading militant group ISIS. (2:29)

ISIS MILITANTS IN IRAQ JUNE 16, 2014 - The Iraqi government faces collapse as a powerful militant group takes control of several cities. (7:35)

MESS O'POTAMIA - NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL BEING COMPLETELY F**KING WRONG ABOUT IRAQ JUNE 16, 2014 - ISIS sweeps through Iraq, undoing everything U.S. troops accomplished, while the old gang of warmongers gets back together to voice their opinions on the crisis. (8:30)

ISIS MILITANTS IN IRAQ - BEN VAN HEUVELEN JUNE 16, 2014 - The Iraq Oil Report's Ben Van Heuvelen discusses the significance of ISIS in Iraq and makes the case for U.S. intervention. (3:41)

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