Oct 13, 2016

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 1

Background: 1. The Ultimate Collection Of 50 Fox News Lies Exposed By The Daily Show & Backed By Politifact
2. Illustrated: The Conservative Media's "Echo Chamber" Designed To Increase Partisanship At The Cost Of Truth (For Profit?... Yes!) 

Part 1...

ROCKY RACCOON MAY 16, 2000 - Mo Rocca investigates Fox News' heroic rescue of a raccoon atop a telephone pole. (3:45)

MOMENT OF ZEN - FALSE ALARM JANUARY 16, 2003 - CNN and Fox News cover a scare story about bubonic plague that turns out to be unsubstantiated. (0:17)

MOMENT OF ZEN - OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM MARCH 31, 2003 - Fox News broadcasts footage of U.S. missiles attacking Iraq backed with classical music. (0:18)

NETWORKS OF THE BATTLE STARS - QUALITY JOURNALISM WINS OUT APRIL 1, 2003 - The entire Iraqi army is glued to Fox News and Geraldo Rivera's reports of his unit's locations and movements. (3:07)

MOMENT OF ZEN - AMERICA'S NEWS CHANNEL? APRIL 3, 2003 - A Fox News commercial impugns Peter Arnett and MSNBC. (0:20)

CRAZY LIKE FOX APRIL 10, 2003Fox News -- above all the other news networks -- sees the war as what it is: entertainment. (2:16)

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