Oct 29, 2016

Halloween With The Daily Show Part 5

Part 4: Halloween With The Daily Show Part 4

Part 5...

HALLOWEEN COSTUMES OCTOBER 31, 2007 - For once Jon agreed with Fox & Friends, but they soon took a turn to crazy-town. (2:15)

WELCOME TO THE HOUSE OF HORRORS - OCTOBER 31, 2006 - For Halloween, The Report staff tries their scariest move yet on Stephen. (1:40)

DOUBLE WALK OF SHAME NOVEMBER 1, 2007 - Halloween doesn't really begin for Jon until the morning after. (0:52)

HALLO-WEENING OCTOBER 31, 2007 - Stephen wishes he could wish everyone a happy Halloween, but he doesn't believe in celebrating panhandling. (2:10)

THREATDOWN - HALLOWEEN EDITION OCTOBER 29, 2009 - Halloween masks spread the H1N1 virus, candy sends kids toward a life of crime, and dogs wear matching sexy costumes. (5:12)

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