Oct 22, 2016

Halloween With The Daily Show Part 3

Part 2: Halloween With The Daily Show Part 2

Part 3;

LORD VIPER SCORPION ON INTERNET DATING JUNE 12, 2001 - If you like the gals who keep their Halloween decorations up all year long, the Goth dating websites are for you. (3:23)

SCARY STUFF OCTOBER 25, 2001 - A preview of Steve Carell's piece on why Halloween is scary. (0:31)

HEADLINES - GHOULS NIGHT OUT NOVEMBER 1, 2001 - Despite lingering fears of bioterrorism, Americans from New York to Los Angeles make the most of Halloween. (2:58)

D.C. HALLOWEEN OCTOBER 31, 2002 - Dressed as a pirate, Ed Helms goes trick-or-treating on Washington's foreign embassy row. (4:15)

MOMENT OF ZEN - HALLOWEEN PROTEST OCTOBER 31, 2002 A group protests the war in Iraq while dressed in Halloween costumes. (0:43)

Halloween Specials

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