Oct 22, 2016

The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 8

Part 7: The Daily Show Does CNN - Part 7

Part 8...

INTRO - MILES O'BRIEN'S SPACECRAFT JULY 26, 2005 - CNN's Miles O'Brien is well-endowed with scientific knowledge and has rock-hard reporter's credentials, but now he's just bragging. (2:07)

MOMENT OF ZEN - SPACECRAFT JULY 26, 2005 - Former NASA Astronaut Scott Horowitz tells CNN's Miles O'Brien about the spacecraft he is holding in his lap. (0:14)

IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY AUGUST 4, 2005 - Jon Stewart's early birthday present was Robert Novak angrily storming off of CNN. (2:32)

MOMENT OF ZEN - WALK AWAY AUGUST 4, 2005 - Robert Novak doesn't like what James Carville has to say and storms off CNN. (0:28)

MEANINGFUL STUFF AUGUST 24, 2005 - CNN President Jonathan Klein defends Bob Costas' decision not to air an hour-long special on the Natalee Holloway case. (1:39)

The Daily Show Does CNN

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