Jul 15, 2016

Star Wars Part 4 "A New Hope" IS THE SPOILER For "The Force Awakens" (Proven Using Honest Trailers) - WARNING: What To Expect From The Upcoming "New" Star Wars Movie "Rogue One" & Star Wars "Part 8" (i.e. Since The New Star Wars Are Remakes... The EARLIER Movies ARE The Spoilers!)

My previous post on this: There Are NO Spoilers For The Force Awakens. The New Star Wars Is A Sham Remake Of A New Hope

As Honest Trailers put it, "Force Awakens" or PART 7 of Star Wars is JUST a remake of Part 4 "A New Hope". Trailer;

Highlights (screenshots from the above trailer of the relevant point);

Now that we know Part 7 is just really a remake of part 4, part "8" & Rogue One becomes transparent, i.e. anyone over 14 (or anyone who has seen Star Wars BEFORE "part 7) will be disappointed by the lack of effort in story line put into the reboot of the franchise. It's like they are trying to milk the legend of Star Wars for all the cash by destroying it's soul.(i.e. no new story line makes it a boring movie so they are obviously trying to cash in on past fame).

What To Expect From The Upcoming "New" Star Wars Movie "Rogue One";

The New Star Wars "Rogue One" is probably just a movie - in modified form to fit the slight difference in plot lines introduced already - about Luke Skywalkers adventures in the X-Wing squadron BUT made for the new guy/pilot to take Luke's place as star pilot of the Star Wars Rogue SX-Wing books such as Rogue Squadron (i.e. just a remake with new names and new special effects nothing more);

A sneak peak into the future of Star Wars (Star Wars "Part 8");

So, now that J.J.Abrams decided to destroy the Star Wars franchise by releasing a remake of part 4 as part 7... what can we expect from the next two planned movies?

Well, the first movie (part 7)had the exact same plot lines as the first movie of Lucas (part 4) so where else can the movie go but into remakes of part's 5 & 6?

Based on this basic premise I can make extrapolations of what we are likely to encounter ...

Luke Trains Rey Like Yoda Trained Luke. 'Feel the Force, Rey!'

Sneak Peak Of Star Wars 8 - 1:

Sneak Peak Of Star Wars 8 - 2 - Do or Do not there is no try;

The final fight;

Luke's lightsaber training rehashed from part 4 (updated July 16 2016);

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