Jul 15, 2016

84 Killed In France By Truck Has Become The Largest Mass Killing In Modern European History Beating The Record Of 77 Murders By Terrorist Andre Brevik By 7

Normally I don't post so soon after a mass killing but I know how the system here works (early bird catches the worm) so I decided I should put my two bits in before everything goes haywire again.

I would like to point out that the argument on guns, left VS right, has been the same for decades and hinges around several logical arguments that makes sense to one side and not the other. For example: GUN Files: Bugs Bunny, The Ridiculist & Joe Biden On The Gun Debate and Guns Don't Shoot Themselves. There Are Many Other Explanations For High Gun Deaths In The States VS Iceland or Switzerland

One of those logical ideas from the right is that people can kill with whatever implement they can find, guns just happen to be easily available. If a person doesn't have a gun they can use a knife or even a car. We have examples of this in our recent history;

In the US:

CNN: 4 killed and 44 hurt by Car Assault.

Reuters Video;

And now in France (CNN);

This is the first time, in the age of guns, we have an example of a mass killing being done by a truck that actually surpasses the last mass SHOOTING in the entire western world. This gives more weight to my thesis (shared by Aristotle and Jon Stewart) that ECONOMIC PROSPERITY IN A CULTURE & SOCIETY and not guns indicate how many people will die in that culture from guns.

Breaking Down Society & Social Structures Leads To Anarchy AND Violence

Civil Unrest Scale - The Daily Show Looks At The Economic Indicators That Led To The Baltimore Riots Providing A Scale Anyone Can Use To Determine Problems IN Their Community

In this particular case there are more issues that are covered here (& in links below);

CNN: Why They Hate Us (Zakaria tends to leave things out like the 2.1 million dead for oil or that the CIA destabilized Iran in 1952, thus some further links are necessary...)

C-CPAN: Robert Pape on Terrorism

Article: The Logic of Suicide Terrorism: It’s the occupation, not the fundamentalism

(I look at the issue in more detail in the links below)

The following is the last largest killing terror event in the west (a guy, alone on an island with a gun & no one else having any weapons whatsoever, goes on a mass killing spree) followed by the latest one mass killing event (truck mass murder in France);

Previous modern day record killing - a right wing mass shooting in Norway that killed 77 people;

BBC: Profile: Anders Breivik (Killed 77 In Norway)

Fox News Response To Right Wing Christian Terrorist (clear hypocrisy and intent to do harm is revealed in the contrasts);

Latest mass killing tops the one with the gun in Norway.

A "Study" Of The Media's Amnesia About Itself

Gun Debate - My Views

GOP & Fox News Hypocrisy On Religion & Guns

America's Double Standard On Terrorism

Stuff that destabilizes other countries and thus increases terrorism in our own;

Media's Iraq War Coverup In A Nutshell

"Christian Terrorism" - As Encouraged & Covered Up By The GOP Establishment & Fox News

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