Jun 22, 2016

A Piece Of Evidence Of Hannity & Co. Helping ISIS With It's Propaganda To Hide Thier Crimes


Did The Islamic Terrorists Use Magic To Make Dick Cheney Give Stand Down Orders On 9/11 & Which Cheney Covered Up Later So As Not To Scare The Public?

Did Islamic Terrorists Use Magic On 9/11 To Make The DEBRIS Of Flight 93 & The Pentagon Attack Plane Vanish?

Did Islamic Terrorists Use The Magic Of The Jinn To Plant Bombs In The 3 Buildings That Fell On 9/11?

What Hannity & the talking point planners of Fox News/GOP are doing is making sure that ISIS succeeds in it's propaganda (I begin my explaination below) because if ISIS succeeds then Fox & Co. (Traitor Inc.) can keep the fear alive to hide their crimes. I've already covered their hypocrisy and coverups to the point of exhaustion. Here's a recap

McCaul, Of The House Homeland Security Committee, Provides The Perfect Example Of What's Wrong With GOP Logic On Muslim Terrorists As Opposed To Christian Terrorists (What They Have Is Like A Sort Of Pro-Christian Schizophrenia)

I Quickly Slam Hannity On His Hypocrisy & Promotion Of Terrorism Through Petulant Labeling Designed To Create Conflict Not Resolve Them (i.e. "Radical Islam" As Opposed To "Terrorist" OR "Madman" Or "Mass Shooter")

Hannity & Wayne LaPierre Decide To Ignore All Evidence Of Shootings & Focus On "Islamic Terrorism" As The Primary Decoy For Thier Crimes

Hasan Minhaj Shows How Fox News Uses Sensationalism ("Radical Islam") To Drum Up Fear & Hysteria! (Kinda)

OK. Lets take a look at the latest bit of evidence;

Did DOJ edit 'uncensored' transcript of Orlando shooter?Jun. 20, 2016 - 11:00 - Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Doug Schoen and Monica Crowley examine the document on 'Hannity'


In the above video you hear some weird shit. Clearly Hannity and Company want to take the crazy shooter at his word and give credit for this shooting to ISIS. RECAP: ISIS has asked crazy people of Muslim background everywhere who agree with their cause to kill people in the name of ISIS. If anyone DOES listen and decides to take out their frustration or madness on someone using easily accessible guns (even if they have already been investigated) THEN Fox & Co RUNS to the ISIS's side saying 'YES, ISIS did it. They got someone to get to shoot people for them, in our culture of mass shootings and shootings everyday!' .

They do stuff like this all the time as Chris Hayes pointed out once, or when Jon Stewart was out catching them, or the stuff I've collected on thier slandering of Muslims while ignoring Christianity and the Bible.

Here is a short commentary on a transcript available here (I could do the whole thing but I think I would need written permission which I doubt I would get);

It's starts out with the Orlando shooters 911 call being released.

SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to "Hannity." And tonight, after coming under heavy criticism for censoring references to ISIS in the transcript of the Orlando terrorist's 911 phone call, well, the Department of Justice has now reversed itself and its decision and has released an unredacted version.
It reads, quote, "The dispatcher answers the call, Orlando police dispatcher. Omar Mateen responds, Omar Mateen. Then the dispatcher says, Emergency, 911, this is being recorded. He replies, In the name of God, the merciful, the beneficent. The dispatcher says, What? Mateen then proclaims, Praise be to God and prayers, as well as peace be upon the prophet of God. And I want to let you know I'm in Orlando and I did the shootings. Dispatcher asks, Well, what's your name? Mateen responds, My name is I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi of the Islamic State.  The dispatcher ask again, OK, what's your name? Well, then Mateen says, I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. May God protect him on behalf of the Islamic State. The dispatcher then asks, All right, where are you at? He replies, In Orlando. The dispatcher responds, Well, where in Orlando?"
And that's where the call ends.

The shooter did exactly what ISIS wanted i.e. kill people and give ISIS credit for it o help thier propaganda campaign against the west (such as videos) and to gain recruits.

Transcript continued;
Also tonight in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, Donald Trump is suggesting America may need to use profiling to stop the next terror attack. Watch this.
DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I think profiling is something that we're going to have to start thinking about as a country.  And other countries do it. And you look at Israel and you look at others, and they do it, and they do it successfully. And you know, I hate the concept of profiling. But we have to start using common sense.

I'm fine with profiling as long as they use it for both kinds of terrorists we see many examples of and stop trying to confuse the issue with thier "unconscious" racism (assuming colored people are violent by nature and white people just happen o go insane once in a while and CAN"T be influenced by rhetoric! What rubbish!). Here is a list of violence and their sources which needs to be profiled for terrorist and terrorist like (treasonous) activities that Fox News covers up whenever it does it's "Islam" or "Muslim" propaganda campaign to hide thier crimes and help ISIS succeed in it's propaganda (a group THIER PARTY CREATED!). Flashback;

ISIS Exposed

Transcript continued;
HANNITY: Joining us now, the author of "Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War." He is the distinguished chair of military theory at Marine Corps University, Dr. Sebastian Gorka.
Dr. Gorka, let me -- let me start with -- I don't believe for a minute that this is the accurate transcript. Now, we've been told that this was translated out of the Arabic and that they came up with the idea of God.  Why do I suspect if we hear the tape that he says Allah? Is that a fair guess on my part?
SEBASTIAN GORKA, "DEFEATING JIHAD" AUTHOR: Of course, it's not the accurate transcript. You're absolutely right, Sean. When you are a jihadi, you don't use the word "God." What was he witness shouting in the nightclub as he was mowing down his fellow Americans? He wasn't shouting, God is the greatest, in English. He was shouting, Allah-u Akbar. So the idea that suddenly, he translates into English for the dispatcher is absurd.
We won a really significant victory today, Sean. Common sense won a victory against the political narrative of the DOJ. But they're still trying to fleece us. They're still conning us by saying that he said God.  He didn't say God to the dispatcher. He clearly said Allah.

This is f****** hilarious! This guy thinks "Allah" and "God" are two separate things because the words are different! They even trace thier ancestor to the same Patriarchs (Abraham) and still this strange toddler level argument! Clearly Mr Gorka is not dealing with a full deck! 

Here are some other things that should be taken into account;

"Christian Terrorism" - As Encouraged & Covered Up By The GOP Establishment & Fox News

Treasonous Activities

Koch Brothers

Proofs for the GOP being the"Party of Treason" or "The Party Of The Anti-Christ"

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