May 23, 2016

Transgender Debate: Men Must Be Allowed To Go Into Women's RestRooms If They Feel Like A Women & Vice Versa. No Talk Of Separate Bathrooms. Have People Gone Mad?

This is just weird.

PRESIDENT OBAMA'S TRANSGENDER BATHROOM BACKLASHMAY 19, 2016 - Trevor unpacks President Obama's mandate that public schools allow transgender children to use the restroom that matches their gender identity. (8:15

This bit has led to alot of interesting speculation;

Obama's weird directive: "The Obama administration has sent out a directive to every public school in the country to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their Gender Identity."

i.e. men can walk into girls bathrooms if they declare they are a woman. Should we not have bathrooms for people who think they are Unicorns or Hats? I think everybody deserves a bathroom. But lets be sensitive for a second here... why not just command schools to put a bathroom aside for kids who have a different identity than what they are? Then there will only be South Park like problems and not men or women walking into the other sexes bathroom to see what happens.

South Park clip;


Article: Trevor Noah rails against 'bathroom laws' and compares them to segregation

He touched on the argument that allowing transgender people into bathrooms not corresponding to the sex they were assigned at birth would invite more sexual predators into public restrooms.
He's not convinced, to say the least.
“That’s what perverts have been waiting for, loopholes,” Noah said. “Guys out there are like, ‘Man, I want to flash people in the bathroom so badly, when are they going to change the laws?’”

Me: No. They don't look for loopholes. They are not the Clinton's. But then again, maybe they do. How would Trevor Noah know?

And on the expectation of privacy when you go into the bathroom and being around people just like you, Noah said:
“The transgender population in America is closer to zero percent than one percent. So the chances of you bumping into a transgender person in the bathroom is almost zero percent, but the chances of a transgender person needing the bathroom is 100 percent.”

Me: That's OK. Bathrooms exist. They just can tell people how they want to be treated other than the cultural norm.

Noah argues that the the transgender bathroom issue has come up in the past, just with different window dressing, from segregated bathrooms for white and black people to panic over gay people using the same facilities as straight people. In each case, the argument against change is that it's not "natural."

Me: Not really. Black men couldn't go into white men's bathrooms and black women couldn't go into white women's bathrooms.

White and black humans are not naturally separated (the color blends when they get together). Men and women ARE normally separated. This is a normal separation that has lasted before recorded history.

What you are saying here is that men and women should be forced to share the same bathroom if someone suddenly decides they are not what gender they are. Helping a minority by inconveniencing a majority while leaving room for anything and not just perverts. Drunk guys wanting to use a clean bathroom and so declare themselves women? Women who ... I guess this law is basically for men.

Article: Trevor Noah Goes on Epic Rant Against Transgender Bathroom Bills – WATCH

“Just imagine for a second being a 55-year-old trans woman and you’ve lived your entire life worried about bathrooms and locker rooms. The only thing trans people are saying right now is, ‘What took you guys so long? Because I feel like I’ve been holding it forever.'”

Jesus! I've heard of people with a shy bladder but this is just ridiculous! It's not like the bathrooms don't exist and they don't have access to them. If you can't go to the restroom with your own sex what makes you think you can with another sex?

Article: Trevor Noah Found the Root of Transgender Bathroom Fear: Surprise PenisesNo one, liberal or conservative, wants to look at a penis.

Weird. Trevor Noah wants to show people his penis? Anyways.

Note: I thought I should point out that if a transgender, lets say male, dresses up as a woman and sneaks into the woman's bathroom and no one finds out THEN it doesn't matter. The Federal Government shouldn't be trying to change thier restroom habits for a minority which barely exists. Probably shouldn't be trying to make new restrooms either but that is the only reasonable solution if there must be one at all. This whole problem seems like it came out of the Disneyland mentality that modern American's have adopted while their Government commits Genocide around the world... destabilizing countries for thier own interests.

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