Apr 30, 2016

Hillary Clinton Won New York Because Of GOP Style Voting Limitations i.e. She Won It Like A GOP Establishment Republican

The GOP have been working on Voting access limitations since the Supreme Court said it was OK. Clearly, the Democratic Party in New York is doing the same thing!

Lets take a look at how Hillary Clinton won New York by limiting access for voters to vote (smart GOP Establishment tactic, not a moral one or democratic one though)

HILLARY CLINTON'S NEW YORK PRIMARY VICTORYAPRIL 20, 2016 - As Hillary Clinton celebrates her victory in the New York Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders cries foul over the state's voting regulations. (2:44)

Highlights of Bernie Sanders explaining how Hillary won by limiting access to voting;

Trevor Noah points out something is a tactic I noticed the Hillary prone left use (that will probably work VERY well against Hillary herself!) that Bernie is like a paranoid old man (which worked exceptionally well against Ron Paul as well);

You know how the saying goes, 'your not paranoid if they are really out to get you' (see links below) but I understand why people would think an old man is paranoid when facing a semi-cute old woman. That said, Hillary has done nothing but lie and deceive in this campaign... with help from the lefts traitorous media who have decided to cover truths in favor of a GOP Establishment person acting like a moral person.

Notice, for example: The part left out of the wordings from this Rachel Maddow interview in the amount of money Hillary's Super Pac spent on the election (read about Super Pac's here)

Bernie Sanders outspends other candidates on the campaign trailRachel Maddow speaks to Bernie Sanders’ wife and senior advisor Jane Sanders about the $166 million his campaign has spent so far and how he plans to revitalize the Democratic party.

Rachel Maddows videos (& interviews) will often ignore crucial points in favor of bullsh*t ones.

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