Apr 30, 2016

Ted Cruz Is A Habitual Liar & Ass Kisser (Like Hillary Clinton) Always Saying What You Want to Hear Before Doing What HE Wants To DO With The Power You Were Fooled Into Giving Him

How could Ted Cruz POSSIBLY mess up the term for a Basketball Hoop? (calling it a "ring"). My theory? He's lying to win votes like Hillary does...

DONALD TRUMP'S FIVE-STATE VICTORYAPRIL 27, 2016 - Donald Trump crushes his opposition in five more GOP primaries, and Ted Cruz takes heat for referring to a basketball hoop as a "ring" during a speech in Indiana. (5:06)

How could Ted Cruz mess up such a common reference unless he's lying to win votes?

From The Inquisitor;

As reported by the Kansas City Star, Ted Cruz pointed the Indiana crowd to a man in a sweater vest standing on a red ladder with a measuring tape. The delivery should have been a complete layup. If done right, the impact could have been a slam dunk. Instead, Cruz took a cue from another sport and fumbled the opportunity completely.

“The amazing thing about that basketball ring here in Indiana, it’s the same height as it is in New York City. And every other place in this country.”

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