Mar 15, 2016

Megyn Kelly Of Fox News's Kelly File Does An Artful Decoy For the GOP Establishment (Bushs, Cheneys, Kochs & Murdochs)

I've covered Megyn Kelly lies before so the fact that she is now helping "the establishment" do a crazy creepy sort of "there is no establishment" Jedi mind trick is no surprise to me. Here are some of her past lies;

Here is the present lie/decoy;

Kelly File: Inside the Republican civil warMar. 14, 2016 - 5:33 - On 'The Kelly File,' co-creator and co-host of 'The Circus' takes an in-depth look


There got a few of the GOP Establishment HELPERS who have been in every campaign strategy since KKK Nixon and decided to portray them as 'the poor old establishment' i.e. it's just a small group of old men around a table & thus not a threat.

They even go as far as to mention that GOP is a hierarchical party that always falls in line and follows thier leader. To top it off I have heard Fox News people THEMSELVES call George Bush the establishment (he won & was President and thus IS the Establishment as per the communist style party the GOP Establishment is);

George Bush proud of ‘establishment’ labelFormer President George W. Bush shares his thoughts on the idea of being part of the GOP “establishment.”

If Donald Trump wins the Presidency he BECOMES the new Establishment (& I would like to submit my candidacy to be Vader to the new Republican Emperor).

So stop lying about the establishment. The Bush's & Cheney's & Kochs & Murdochs ARE the establishment (GOP is run as a standard Plutarchy in old fashioned robber-baron / monarchy or communist style). Until they have answered for thier crimes the GOP establishment remains right there no matter how many decoys Rupert Murdoch, er, I mean Megyn Kelly throws up on her fake news show.

Establishment Crimes:

Media's Iraq War Cover-Up

    Economic Treason Proofs

    9/11 Chronicles

    Jeb Bush was meant to carry on the Establishment torch from the establishment leaders, i.e. Bush, Cheney, Kochs, Murdoch;

    Jeb Bush

    Jeb Bush Faces Down America

    Note: Did you know that Ted Cruz wanted to be a part of the establishment TILL he was rejected, i.e. he is being "anti-establishment" out of revenge for a personal slight... isn't that interesting? (He certainly voted WITH the establishment while he was Senator)

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