Mar 16, 2016

I Smash Lawrence O'Donnell On His Utter Hypocrisy Or Stupidity. Only A Lie Detector Could Determine Which.

I think the hypocrisy of the left's establishment media is easy to see if you use Lawrence O Donnell as a measure or any of them for that matter. In this particular post I seek to tear him apart for his hypocrisy on Trump. Keep in mind that this guy is on the channel that fired Phil Donahue for being against the Iraq War. A time when Chris Mathews was pro-war (to save his job?) declared "We're all neocons now". Now Chris Mathews keeps pointing out the GOP's obsession with Defending the Bush Wars but never seems to mention his own neocon turn which coincidentally happened when anti war rhetoric was not allowed on the supposedly liberal channel. MSNBC & NBC or any network TV news media can't be trusted at crucial times.

On Trump protests: ‘No virtue in silence’ - Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) says that Donald Trump "is a bigger, uglier threat every day" and urges "decent" Americans to reject the Republican frontrunner. The comment follows recent violence at Trump rallies. It is Lawrence O'Donnell’s Last Word for Monday


Really? Lawrence O Donnell is taking Jeb Bush's side? I suspect a traitor.

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Faces Down America

True. There is no virtue in silence. Common Lawrence O Donnell tell the truth!

Modern lie detectors are more advanced that people realize;

Wouldn't it be interesting to see what Lawrence O Donnell knew & when?

Media's Iraq War Cover-Up

The utter hypocrisy of media anchors is absolutely fascinating. So I decided to do this part for kicks...

Last chance to stop Donald Trump - With just one day left before multiple major primaries, time is running out for the GOP to find support for a candidate not named Donald Trump. Lawrence talks to Howard Dean, Tom Davis and April Ryan about the response from leading politicians on Trump’s rise. 

At approx 1 min Lawrence shows a video of Donald taking about his rallies are not mob violence. He is right. A few isolated incidents do not constitute mob violence. A lynching constitutes mob violence.

At 2:08 - Next Lawrence claims Donald is saying 'you did not see what you just saw'... that just made me laugh.

'you did not see what you just saw' -

This is what a demolition looks like:

Does this look familiar?

At the very least "reporters" & "pundits" in the media should be ASKING where the terrorists got the bombs from to bring down the building AND HOW DID THE TERRORISTS PLACE THE EXPLOSIVES IN THE BUILDINGS IN THE FIRST PLACE? 

9/11 Chronicles

A preliminary look at Lawrence O Donnell

Lawrence O Donnell EXPOSED

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