Mar 10, 2016

Daily Show Exposes One Of The GOP Establishment Lies About The History Of Race In The Republican Party They Keep Repeating Through Fox News & It's Commentators

I have covered Fox News lies in detail. Simply helping the GOP establishment sell their fake economics should be enough treason but no, they play with peoples heads too. What's interesting about the following expose is that the whole technique the GOP establishment, & it's media arm Fox News, are using wouldn't work if people knew it was a lie. People are supporting these views because they believe it is right and it fits with how they FEEL about themselves i.e. they're not racists. In other words, any racism we encounter in REGULAR Republicans tend to be unconscious racism ... programmed in by TV (media has it's uses to the establishment, such as dividing the people so they can feed on them. One example is how they know they can influence people - OBVIOUSLY, IT'S NEWS ON TV - and brag about how they can influence people on TV but later they like to claim these views emerged on their own when bragging isn't their goal, i.e. if you don't call em out then all you are doing is doing polls on the effectiveness of warmongering by Fox News with help from the rest of the media not calling them out on it).

This particular issue I've covered before in the following posts;

Now, Daily Show's Trevor Noah explains how Democrats became Republicans a long time ago thus making any historical remarks the GOP establishment & Fox News makes about "the Democrats racist past" is wrong because it misrepresents history BADLY.

WHO'S TO BLAME FOR THE KU KLUX KLAN? - 03/03/2016 - After former KKK leader David Duke endorses Donald Trump, CNN contributors Jeffrey Lord and Van Jones argue about the political origins of the white supremacy group. (7:53)

The following are screenshots highlighting important points Trevor Noah makes in the video clip above;

A Trump supporter thinks (believes wholeheartedly) that true KKK stuff comes from the Democrats (Yes, Hillary has KKK connections BUT the KKK actually moved into the Republican party in the 1960s, so democrat history is now republican history. Explanation below in images);

This part may be a conspiracy theory started by Alex Jones (a very suspicious character who says the GOP establishment did 9/11 and then helps them. Definitely someone that can't be trusted);

Trevor Noah expresses what anyone who is familiar with history feels when they hear this crazy story concocted by the GOP Establishment and it's media arm Fox News (and selected commentators)

This argument is everywhere;

Here Trevor Noah explains how historically Democrats & Republicans switched positions (and gives as the perfect example of a racist leaving the Democrat party to join the Republican Party). This is the important part for people who want to be correct on their history;

More in depth analysis;

Proofs for 'the GOP is a White Supremacist group pretending it's not'

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