Jan 1, 2016

The Fall Of Star Wars - So, J.J.Abrams Ruined Star Wars, Now What? [SPOILER ALERT: Loser Movie "Force Awakens" DESTROYED]

See Star Wars Independent Films on the right (or below) with much much more original story lines than The Force Awakens. If you want to continue be warned, the force awakens is crap and I give it no respect whatsoever and don't consider it worth ANYONE's money.

J.J. Abrams started by taking Luke Skywalkers son in the book series (Ben) and making him a son of Leia and Han Solo (while skipping thier original children altogether) and Ben turned bad in the most ridiculous way imaginable ... since Luke Skywalker had already turned Darth Vader to the light at the end of episode 6 so there is nothing for the new "Darth" to seek to accomplish 'for his grandfather' cause his grandfather was the one that killed the emperor fulfilling the prophecy of bringing 'balance to the force'. I'm guessing that wasn't covered in the movies so JJ Abrams forgot that Darth Vader had turned good at the end of part 6.

There is simply no continuity between part 6 and part 7 even if you accept J.JAbrams thesis that Luke Skywalker was a loser Jedi who broke at the first bad student he had and let the universe fall apart while he wallowed in self pity on some island. Yoda at least ran to hide from the Sith & pass on his legacy. What was Luke's reason for hiding? Bet it's something like emotional problems. 'Boo hoo. One student went bad and I killed him and he cam back to life and became a darth' (at least that sounds like a serious reason). A Jedi doesn't hide for that reason (i.e. a mistake). Probably a reflection of J.J. himself. JJ, the books were there. It was an easy win. Why?

SHOCKING: JJAmbrams Releases A Remake Of "A New Hope (Part 4): “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”: You know all the spoilers in J.J. Abrams’ obsessive reboot — because you’ve seen this movie before - So the bad guy wears a mask, an orphan has special powers and somebody has a surprising dad -- sound familiar?

So, lets see. There was part 4, 5 & 6. A couple of decades later, under much pressure, George Lucas did parts 1, 2 & 3. While parts 4, 5 &6 were related to events after the fall of the Jedi (through murder not mental collapse), in part 1, 2 & 3 we got a chance to see what the Jedi were like under the Old Republic. Yes, there was an outcry over Jar Jar Binks (which I never supported despite being from the generation where Star Wars was already a classic. Simply, in an infinite universe with infinite beings, someone like Jar Jar Binks COULD emerge, so the movie had logical consistency). This movie is just psychotic!

Then I heard Star Wars was being sold to Disney, a company I respected, and that the guy that managed to pull off a reboot of Star Trek (as far as I was concerned) was directing it. So far so good. Now lets go back to the original Star Wars. Lucas Films opened a section called Lucas Books and went forward AND backwards from the movies creating a Universe of sci-fi the world has never seen before. The consistency in thier logic if culture and society WHILE keeping the basic theme of Star Wars is just remarkable and was accomplished using a multitude of writers who brought all thier experience in various fiction fields together to create a series of books that EVERY sci-fi fan could enjoy. After Star Wars 6 Luke Skywalker does EVENTUALLY put together a body of students and recreates the Jedi, but under him - and thus in a new way - so it isn't just a recreation of the Old Republic but, literally, a New Republic. Several students had bad episodes but Luke Skywalker never gave up being a Jedi because that was what he was trained to do and become. In other words, logical consistency. Now lets take a look at what J.JAbrams did.

Why would Ben/TheNewDarth seek to 'complete his grandfathers quest' when it was his grandfather who threw the Emperor down into the Death Star? Just following from part 6 to part 7 has no consistency, so if you disagree with what I define as "logical consistency" than I still get you on basic facts. Did J.J.Abrams even watch the movies? He certainly didn't read the books. And although I think the movie itself was a 'labour of love' it wasn't a labor of love for Star Wars, it was a labor of love for the kid who finally got a chance to remake Star wars in his own "genius/image". How selfish. If he had just continued on with the Star Wars story he would have done an amazing job. He had to try and best George Lucas. Just live with the classic and move on unless you want to do a complete remake. You can't do a remake and call it part 7. It's wrong.

If Disney couldn't find a person to carry on Star Wars they should have left it alone rather than ruin it altogether.

There is another alternative. Shelve this movie as a mistake. Make millions selling the DVD of cinema's greatest mistake and restart OR edit this movie and re-release it as "The J.J.Abrams (Cooolest Man IN The World) Remake Of Part 4, (As Old Man George Lucas Should Have Done If He Had The Technology & Background AS Hot Dude, J.J.Abrams)". J.J. Abrams likes to do remakes along new timelines for everything, fine. Did a really good job on Star Trek (I even bought the second Star Trek movie- granted in was on sale).  God. I thought J.J.Abrams would do something cool, like start Star Wars from the Yuuzhan Vong War. Luke would still have fit the role. Damn.

To use the same idea from Star Trek for Star Wars (!?!?!?!?) would mean he would have to remake from part 4 the way he remade Star Trek from part 1. You can't remake Star Wars based on some fantasy that has no consistency with the other Star Wars (including the movies) unless you had no respect for the originals and were purposely seeking to destroy them. In which case, y'all shouldn't have messed with it in the first place. It's just rude. Disney is a billion dollar company so they can mess with people and get away with it but it doesn' t make it right.

I still can't believe Disney signed off on  this script. Disney: You could have done a better job of restarting Star Wars by asking one of the independent filmmakers to make part 7. Just give them the money to afford the tech. God. He even remade R2D2 & gave the remake the SAME role! Disney, how could you approve this movie? Do you not care at all about the consumer?

Here is how J.J.Abrams got away with the opening they did (by making trailers with no info and banking on the reputation of Star Wars);

Trailer example:

But now we know this is just a remake of the original 3 Star Wars flicks from an egotistical perspective with nothing added to the Star Wars Universe at all... but subtracted from it to a great degree.

The End Of Star Wars :( (OR Movies More Original Than Star Wars "The Force Awakens")

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