Jan 2, 2016

Film: Star Wars - Legacy of the Force (Better Than "The Force Awakens") [20mins]

Here is a 20 minute Independent film of the last part of the Star Wars book Invincible. It's infinitely more original than the new Star Wars movie called The Force Awakens In JJAbrams Mind or something like that. Not to mention the fact that it flows like a real big budget movie!

STAR WARS LEGENDS: Legacy of the Force

You may immediately notice that not only are the graphics up to par of modern movie making but the characters act just as well as the ones in the remake of star wars 4 that is being marketed as part 7. Except, the story line of this video is infinitely more original. Someone should give these guys the cash to the finish the film and maybe even do the series. Maybe Star Wars needs to separate into real Star Wars & the remakes of part 4, 5 & 6 being sold as part 7, 8 &9 that Disney decided to approve.

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