Jan 28, 2016

Corporate Media DID Do A Blackout On Bernie Sanders Like They Did With Ron Paul (Larry Wilmore, Bernie, Jon Stewart & Rachel Maddow Illustrate What's Going On)

Those who are not only watching and reading Corporate media channels know about the Bernie Sanders blackout. Here is a summary;

Why Is There a Media Blackout on Bernie Beating Trump in the Polls?Whether or not this goes any further, something remarkable has happened.

Whether or not this goes any further, something remarkable has happened. The Donald Trump campaign (in many ways outlandish and uniquely dangerous) more or less fits the usual mold in terms of media success; the data are very clear that the media gave Trump vastly disproportionate media coverage, following which he rose in the pollsthe same polls later used to justify the coverage. This was the story of how the media created Howard Dean's success before tearing him down in 2004, and it has been the story of most candidates, successful and otherwise: the polling closely follows the coverage, not the other way around.
Bernie is something new. The major media has given him ridiculously little coverage, and belittled him in most of that coverage. Yet he has surged in the polls, in volunteers, in small-donor fundraising, and in real world events. While television news has shunted aside actual events, crises, social movements, the state of the natural environment, any number of wars, countless injustices, and most legislative activities in order to focus more than ever on the next election, and has done so ever since it was nearly two years away, the media has also given wildly disparate attention to certain candidates, in a way that bears no correlation to polling or internet searching or donors or any such factor. As of last fall, Bernie Sanders had received a total of 8 minutes of coverage from broadcast evening news, less than Mitt Romney or Joe Biden got for deciding not to enter the race.
And yet, Bernie polls better against Donald Trump (now that a pollster finally asked that question and released the results) than does Hillary Clinton. 

I covered how the media likes to create public opinion and then act like it arose on it own here:

Clear Proof That The Media Creates Public Opinion (Example of Fear-mongering For A Ground War Against ISIS)

This is what media is trying to do again. (list of media weirdness links below)

So, the Democratic Establishment seems to be doing it's best to take Bernie Sanders off the air by trying to keep him in a low profile (non-prime time debate etc.). The reasons for that are pretty clear

Bernie Sanders

Hillary Cinton

Chris Hayes Talks About The Clinton Political Dynasty & The Bush Political Dynasty & The Paul Political Dynasty & Asks If This Is What America Deserves?

Recently DNC is considering adding a debate cause Hillary is losing NH and they think she can do better (i.e. "with medias help" is the subtext). Here is Larry Wilmore commenting on the Democrat Establishment's weird debates (ask yourself: why did they do such a thing that even Trump can call out as weird?)

EXTENDED - BERNIE SANDERS CHATS WITH LARRY JANUARY 5, 2016 - SEXIST DONALD TRUMP & BERNIE SANDERS CHAT - Bernie Sanders talks ISIS and climate change and ponders whether Donald Trump should be "schlonged." (18:16)

Larry Wilmore on the democratic debates;

Bernie Replies;

This sort of orchestrated media effort to suppress a Presidential candidate happened with Ron Paul too; Jon Stewart comments on this;

Watch the first 50 seconds of the following video and you will notice that one particular person (Ron Paul) is ignored even though he came within 200 votes of winning the straw poll...
The media consistently treats Ron Paul like 'he is the thirteenth floor in a hotel', yet he is the one that planted the grassroots that the establishment republicans are benefiting from now. Why is that? 

(Note: By money I mean a paycheck, i.e. a liar for a paycheck)

Rachel Maddow was involved as well (not being directly tied to corporate but the word is that they took away her corporate card and she's running scared).

Maddow: Proof Ron Paul Was Robbed In Maine.

The following links illustrate how far the corporate media has fallen;

The Mystery Of The Media

Media Mysteries

ISIS Exposed

Media's Iraq War Cover-Up

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