May 25, 2015

Power Scale - Economic Distribution 1: Monsato Is Innocent, Problem Is Media Fear-Mongering Tendency


Turns out, one of the big problems with the structure of our society that invites in despotism (tyranny/oligarchy/plutarchy/dictators) i.e. too much land ownership in a few hands, is a result of the actions of a bunch of activists... who were allowed to pursue (by the media) something without proper information or simply acted our of fear rather than knowledge.

The Return of a Simplot Conspiracy- During Aasif Mandvi's investigation into the negative impacts of GMOs, he is shocked to learn that a giant agribusiness is not the culprit. (6:37)

Musings: The whole belief of genetically modified food having an affect on our own DNA may have arising from a misunderstanding of how our digestive system works. The most we have to fear from UNTESTED genetically modified food is getting sick or badly ill.

Notice that 37% of Americans believe genetically modified food is unsafe to eat while 88% of scientists believe that tested genetically modified foods are safe to eat...

Reminds me of this interesting phenomenon that has developed in mainstream society nowadays of denying carefully researched, vetted and confirmed scientific opinion illustrated by Jon Oliver;

i.e. Rather than giving climate change deniers the normal; 3% of airtime media is creating false equivalency that the climate change debate is at 50-50 when it's really 97-3

Full analysis of the anti-scientific "climate change" fundamentalism here;

Climate Change

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