Apr 1, 2015

Some Of The Tactics I Noticed GOP & Bill O Reilly Using (Hypnosis, NLP & Media Partnerships)

In the following video you learn that the people from NBC are in Fox News & you learn that Roger Ailes was in NBC before becoming the leader of Fox (besides other things).

Bill O Reilly : Maria BartiromoApr. 01, 2015 - 4:48 - Fox Business' Maria Bartiromo enters the 'No Spin Zone' to share her story


I've already pointed out that there are GOP on the boards of many of these companies.

I've already pointed out how Fox is deceiving people, in ridiculous detail, on this blog ... but for the moment just notice that Roger Ailes was with Nixon and is still using Nixonian techniques on his channels.

Now notice that MSNBC (a branch of NBC) actually went out of it's way to fire people who were anti Iraq War! To the point where Jon Stewart flipped out and quit.

Finally, notice that Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is owned by Rupert Murdock (boss of Roger Ailes).

My point is this. NBC & WSJ have been doing allot of "joint polls". 

Rupert Murdoch is a known traitor and NBC (& MSNBC) are known accomplices... is this whole NBC-WSJ polling acceptance a risky endeavor?

Suppose they create polls to deceive us?

It wouldn't be the first time Fox has deceived us and it wouldn't be the first time NBC has helped,

Can we really afford to let the media continue to play us?

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Now, back to some of my hypnosis & nlp pointers:

The technique he uses in this video is called "stacking anchors"(a more advanced anchoring technique);

Bill O Reilly: Trusting President ObamaMar. 31, 2015 - 2:36 - Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points 3/31

In therapy you say positive things and repeat them, again and again and again and again. For the opposite of therapy all you gotta go is follow Bill O Reilly's tactic of lying in a negative way, again and again, over and over, thus you will "stack" a whole bunch of negativity so that people react negatively and with aversion JUST to the name. Makes it allot harder to get to the issues... and allot easier to create an echo-chamber of people who just believe what they are told because of all the negativity that has been anchored to them. SO like Pavlovs dog, they run from any ideas that go against thier negative programming by Fox.

I Smash The #1 Show On Cable News (Bill O Reilly)

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