Mar 3, 2015

The Next Housing Bubble Is Here. GOP Is Preparing To Destroy The Economy Again. Media Blows Story Again.

Tip/Wag - Wall Street  - Wall Street invests in house flipping to create America's second massive housing bubble, (4:25)

Once again, houses are being bought and rented out to people who can't afford to live there. Another money making scheme that allows the banks to overextend themselves.

House values are going up creating larger balance sheets pushed by expectations;

All we need now is some way for the banks to use funds of private citizens so that EVERYONE's money can get involved like in the financial crash of 2008. This is where our beloved patriots come in to save the day by inserting a clause in the last spending bill that allows the financial industry to do exactly what it did last time to cause the financial collapse. It's what the GOP does. And what patriotism has come to mean, i.e. destroying America while people argue over whether the reason you have these lives (the Constitution) could be outdated cause the Founding Fathers were so long ago and we are so "evolved" now.

Thus the next housing bubble is already here. Welcome to idiotville.


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