Mar 2, 2015

Scott Walker Betrays Wisconsonites for The Koch Brothers Proving He Is (at least) A Crony Capitalist

If the people want to have unions it's the people's right to have unions. The preamble to the Constitution says "we the people" for a reason.

Moment of Zen - Ronald Reagan Supports Unions - Ronald Reagan supports unions and collective bargaining in a speech from the 80s. (0:09)

Scott Walker proves that he is - at least - a crony capitalist and thus he can't be trusted to help the people under his charge unless they agree with him.

Crisis in Dairyland - Scott Walker Prank Call - Scott Walker gets duped into discussing his plans to trick his Democratic counterparts in the State Senate and plant troublemakers in the crowd of protesters. (8:12)

Scott Walker's Prank Call (note: The prank caller is impersonating the Koch brothers!!)

Moments Of Zen:

Moment of Zen - Scott Walker Addresses Prank Phone Call - Governor Scott Walker defends the things he said when he was duped by a prank phone call. (0:10)

Koch Brothers

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