Mar 2, 2015

Power + Lack Of Accountability = Atrocity - The Jeb Bush Edition

Turns out Jeb Bush is signing on the same "security" team that led to some of the greatest atrocities in recent American history. So voting for Jeb Bush is pretty much like voting for George W. Bush again... only this time we know exactly what we are getting with Jeb Bush cause we know the history of the team the Jeb Bush is bringing with him for the White House. What we have is a bunch of criminals running for office who should be in prison for many thing. This post focuses on them torturing innocent people like communists.

Guantanamo torture report prompts look at interrogator's police work - Spencer Ackerman, national security editor for The Guardian, talks with Rachel Maddow about reports of torture at Guantanamo by a former police detective, and the new scrutiny being applied to the criminal confessions obtained by the detective in Chicago.

Highlights from the above video:

Remember these names and faces. These were the architects of the Iraq War, 9/11 and so many other firsts. Voting for Jeb Bush would be to vote for another Iraq type war and another 9/11. It was GOP "incompetence" that let this stuff happen before and it will be GOP "incompetence" that will let this stuff happen again.

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CIA Torture Report - Tom Blanton - National Security Archive Director Tom Blanton discusses how the CIA paid two psychologists $81 million to develop the agency's enhanced interrogation program. (5:18) (They got the job cause they were friends with the people in the CIA who decided to give their friends 81 million dollars for their knowledge on torture. A "patriotic" bonus?)

A domestic 'black site' in Chicago? A new blockbuster investigative piece by The Guardian claims the city of Chicago is operating what lawyers call

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