Feb 24, 2015

The Last Time The GOP Passed A SPENDING Bill... They CREATED AND INCLUDED A LAW That Could Destroy The Economy

The GOP Is Pushing The Same Failed Economic Policies That Destroyed The Economy Under Jeb Bush's Brother

Sen. Warren urges Republicans to oppose bailout provision in government funding bill 

It's clear the regulations preventing another collapse were removed through, what basically amounts to, a bribe. This is simply legal corruption like the Congress's Insider Trading scam...

In other words, I think the GOP is making it clear that they are determined to destroy the economy (fake economics with crazy rhetoric), for example with their crazy tax ideas that have already been proven wrong (multiple times)...

Sam Brownback's Conservative Kansas Experiment - Jessica Williams travels to Kansas to investigate the outcome of Governor Sam Brownback's extreme tax-cut experiment. (4:54)

This time they seemed to be attacking the economy in two unique ways 1. By pushing policies that even Bush admitted GOP policies don't work & 2. If 1 doesn’t work cause they will set up things for Wall Street’s “experts” to create an economic collapse like last time (which was allot of fun). Last time they were able to gamble with other people’s money using risky assets (i.e. they were putting your money, saved in banks, in investments that had a good chance of failure because the regulation/law that prevented them from gambling with your money had been removed). And when their “investments” backfired they got a ton of taxpayer financed bail out money, which they then proceeded to use to reward their execs for their clever bets as if the money was theirs not ours.

If we shut down the government to stop the GOP from destroying the USA... then we are doing the right thing (as it's for "we the people"). Problem is, we have to hold them accountable as well or they will simply blame the Democrats for this. They did it before and the democrats couldn't do anything about it.

Possible shutdown over pro-Wall Street bill
The possibility of another government shutdown looms over the House of Representatives, as Democrats take a firm stance against a pro-Wall Street budget bill. Ed Schultz, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Maxine Waters discuss.

Why The Aggressive Push Of Fake Economics By The GOP?

Well, The GOP Intends To Either Get Credit For The State Of The Economy That They Tried To Stop OR The GOP Will Destroy The Economy Themselves. That Seems To Be Their Only Two Options On The Economy (The GOP Only Likes Austerity Or War, i.e. As Long As People Are Struggling Or Dying They Are Happy)

The Obama economic recovery - More than 3 million workers in this country are starting the year off with a raise. And people will have more money in their wallets as gas prices continue to fall. Rev. Sharpton talks Jared Bernstein and Maria Teresa Kumar about economic growth.

An increase in minimum wage will boost the economy in relation to whatever multiplier effect we have.  

For Ron Paul Libertarians: Yes, Ron Paul claims that the only way to deal with the minimum wage is to remove their limits and let it fall to wherever it falls (he's mistaking this for a "free market" probably because of Fox Business propaganda - Economics section is being built right now for this website). At the some time we know that a privately run company call the Federal Reserve has been working for years, under a government mandate, to inflate the currency to boost the economy. To allow the currency & cost of living to inflate while allowing wages and work standards to fall as the traitor Republicans gut regulations, is to try to return us to a time of awful job conditions (keep in mind, slavery worked cause of it's lack of regulations in setting a standard of human decency through regulations, gutting our advancements in implementing our Bill Of Rights will send us back to the awful age we came from)...

At approx 5 minutes we are faced with the mathematically impossible theory pushed by the Traitor Inc.  (Republicans) that Austerity (a reduction of the money supply into the economy) has led to the economic recovery/boost! (i.e. more money in the economy!)

 Not only has the logic for the austerity been proven incorrect & inappropriate... the Traitor Republicans have THEMSELVES stated many times before that their policies don't work to help everybody ... and is actually bad for local economies (even Bush admitted to that fact)... and yet we have the Republicans pushing policies that helped destroy the economy in the first place AND they are doubling down on it.

I get that they are the anti-science party... but this is the 21st Century. How long will we allow PROVEN LIARS push thier agenda of lies about the economy & economic growth that have been proven wrong many times over even if it wasn't for the craziness (lack of mathematically validity) to their arguments. It's crazy to listen to the Republicans on the economy at this point and anyone helping them push their crazy economic "policies".
Note: I find it amusing that people actually think that Norquist could be honest with the American people.
At approx 6 minutes: Europe pushed austerity with it's Rupert Murdoch & other right wing politicians believing in their  disproven theories as the way to boost their economies and they are suffering (as would be expected). Yes, Republican Traitors or anti-science morons like to push the 1930's idea that any money spent is like paying people to dig holes & fill them up... but that's just stupid. Do you see ANY investment program operating that way? Except for the Solyndra scam pushed by Bush & honored by Obama was meant to be to help the economy & not as just a money expenditure activity. These old men spouting their 1930's theories in the face of evidence or logic needs to stop.
For years the Republicans have been saying Obama has been destroying the economy, turns out they were wrong.

Americans feeling effects of improved economy

Steve Kornacki shares a chart showing that consumer confidence levels in the United States are higher than at any point since before the Great Recession.

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