Feb 24, 2015

The Anti-Science Party (GOP) 1 - Ebola; The Perfect Example Of How The GOP Is Reacting Out Of Fear Rather Than Through Reason & Science

Introduction: Media Makes A Mess
Democalypse 2014 - South by South Mess: Malady on 34th Street
When a doctor returning from West Africa is diagnosed with Ebola in New York City, the media and government fail to handle the situation gracefully. (8:28):

How To Catch Ebola: Eating Vomit

Moment of Zen - Catching Ebola
Dr. Natalie Azar explains the conditions required to successfully transmit Ebola on MSNBC's "The Daily Rundown." (0:18)

Background On The Team Of Ebola Fear Mongers & Thier Aversion Or Inability To Understand Science

Fox News, Bill O Reilly & Rush Limbaugh (see links to past posts, below) - not to mention the rest of the media using fear to gain some viewers - have been scaring the pants off people using non-scientific facts about Ebola. It's like how they handle Climate Change, i.e. 'I am not a scientist' which means that they lack the ability to comprehend science no matter how many scientists try & explain it to them. John Oliver demonstrates:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Climate Change Debate

A Look At Republican's "Science"

Normally a test is to determine something...

Rachel Maddow: Student tests negative for Ebola, quarantined anyway
Ryan Boyko, a Yale student quarantined by order of the state of Connecticut despite having tested negative for Ebola and having no symptoms of the disease, talks with Rachel Maddow about inconsistent and irrational Ebola quarantine rules in the U.S.
Chris Hayes: Christie and Cuomo face quarantine backlash
After Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie impose a mandatory quarantine derided by the medical community as well as its first victim, the Governors shift positions.
Rachel Maddow: Rachel Maddow Fear-driven governors make Ebola policy mess
Rachel Maddow describes the confusion over Ebola quarantine policy for people returning to the US from countries crisis with Ebola as state governors abandon science-based recommendations and scramble to appease irrational public fears.

Tracing The Source OF The Irrational Ebola Fears


Some more proof that the GOP has become the Anti Science Party &/Or Pro Hysteria Party

Article: Scientists have sold their souls – and basic research – to business A devil's bargain struck by scientists with government has led to the downgrading of basic research

You’d never know we were Ebola free

As Dr. Craig Spencer is sent home from the hospital, today is officially “Victory from Ebola Day” in the U.S. But according to the media, you’d never know.
The media’s ‘totally rational’ response to Ebola
With the number of Ebola cases in the U.S. back at zero, Chris Hayes takes a look back at the media coverage.
Textbook tearing crosses line for even reddest voters
Rachel Maddow reports that the school board that voted to tear out pages from the honors biology textbook to remove mentions of abortion has lost its tea party majority, leaving the censorship plan in question. ArizonaHonorsBiology.com remains, just in case.

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