Feb 11, 2015

Jon Stewart Slams The GOP On Being Consistently WRONG About Iraq

These 3 videos cover Jon Stewart's, well thought our and educated, views on Iraq.

Mess O'Potamia - Now That's What I Call Being Completely F**king Wrong About IraqAired: 06/16/14 Views: 534,979ISIS sweeps through Iraq, undoing everything U.S. troops accomplished, while the old gang of warmongers gets back together to voice their opinions on the crisis. (8:30):

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Mess O'Potamia - 300 - The militant group ISIS quickly gains control of much of Iraq, giving Dick Cheney an opportunity to place blame for the crisis on everyone but himself. (6:27):

Dick Cheney create the withdrawal agreement and then backs out - Megyn Kelly asks about the results of the Iraq War but leaves out any questions about how we were misled into the Iraq War. Basically, it's setup for Cheney to say 'it was a judgement call, my bad'. Basic Frank Luntz advice to politicians for getting forgiveness while not meaning it. Pure propaganda.

Mess O'Potamia - The Iraq War Is Over Barack Obama announces that everyone is coming home, except for several dozen thousands of soldiers. (4:16):

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