Feb 11, 2015

As The Media Laments The Upcoming Loss Of Jon Stewart From The Daily Show, They Avoid Mentioning The Episode Of The Day Before

The day before Jon Stewart announced his retirement he slammed the media for misleading us into a war and then picking on Brian Williams for lying i.e. the hypocrisy of it all.

The media was very careful not to mention this while they talked how much Jon Stewart 'shines a light on themselves'. It was a sad thing to watch. Cause if the media is really this blind, we need a new media.

Brian Williams may have gotten suspended after Jon Stewart mocked him for having different truths. Kinda like corporate policy for dealing with the Iraq war. When do we suspend the media channels for misleading us into war? & not even talking about it when they had a chance several years ago? Isn't hiding something form the public the same as lying?

On the day Jon Stewart announced his retirement, Rachel Maddow was the only one who could talk about him without getting creepy with lies.

Maddow: Jon Stewart leaving Daily Show, defined news for a generationRachel Maddow reports breaking news that Jon Stewart is retiring from his job as host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, and pays tribute to a man who shaped the definition of news for a generation.

Maddow: US television news suffers seismic shockDavid Carr, New York Times media columnist, and Chris Smith, contributing editor for New York Magazine, talk with Rachel Maddow about the departures of Brian Williams, on six-month suspension from NBC News, and Jon Stewart, who is leaving The Daily Show.

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