Feb 7, 2015

VIDEOs: BBC's "Conspiracy Files" On The Third Tower (WTC 7) That Fell Like It Was Demolished Professionally Despite Having Had No Plane Hit It

Notice how when BBC presents both sides, it proves that the Government appointed "Experts" they pretty much say what they are told to. If we follow the traditions of science we will notice that 1 scientist verses many scientists either means that scientist is a genius or he's bought or an he's an idiot. The Government managed to prove the impossible - officially - but unofficially the number of experts so far out numbers the Government appointed ones that it's embarrassing for any person not to accept that something is wrong here.

Given the problems with testimony and evidence provided by low level eyewitnesses and government employees notice how well balanced the following investigation by BBC is...


In other words, BBC is the only news media with global reach that can be trusted for some balanced news reporting, even if its rather late. All you need is the ability/knowledge/patience to analyze information. US mainstream media has obviously been heavily compromised.

- Updated Jun 29th 2016 - 

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