Mar 26, 2013

War & Glory: Selling War Through The Ages... Illustrated IN Cartoons!

Old men from before the World War 2 days used to talk of the glory of war... something in which you are always right & they are a;ways wrong "evil". The following cartoons illustrate this idea of war as cool...

Cartoon About World War 1: Seeing war in a positive light in 1936 (4 years before world war 2)...

Rebel Without Claws (Tweety fights for the right side - who doesn't?)...

The "Southern Blue Bloods" financed the North vs. South Civil War (History repeating itself?)...

Confederate Honey...

The themes of glory in war as well as mocking scenes such as the Confederate soldiers playing Jazz all reflect the attitude of that time (The South must have felt sympathy for the Nazis to some extent given their natural affinity for each other). Seeing war as glorious is an old story used by old men (illustrated by Metallica below) ... usually "chicken hawks" i.e. people who wouldn't go to war themselves - or send their family - and often have records of draft dodging but also those who have bought the propaganda of their time, i.e. the followers of the chickenhawks.

Metallica - One

Metallica - One (Official Video) from PhHä on Vimeo.

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