Jul 13, 2021

Octopuses May Be As Intelligent As Apes And Are Also The Best Camouflage Artists Of The Animal Kingdom

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Octopuses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver explains why octopuses are cool, great, and yes, called “octopuses”. 

Check it out;

Here is an octopus at 3:00 running on two legs and hiding as a bush or land animal;

Here is one that hides in a coconut! (4:46)

Here is one are 2:40 pretending to be a sea snake to scare off predators (pretending to be another animal to ward off another indicates observation)

In an experiment two octopuses pressed the lever to get food like rats are trained to do, the third got angry/irritated and messed with the experiment like an irate chimpanzee (5:00)

Intelligence was once thought to be uniquely human. But researchers have discovered astonishing cognitive abilities in many other species—not just our close cousins like chimps, or fellow mammals like dolphins—but also crows, parrots, and even octopuses. If we consider the intelligence of swarms, we must add bees, termites, and ants to the list of super smart creatures. Join the scientists who study smarts as we ask: What is intelligence? Why do some species get an extra dose? And just how special are humans, really?

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