Jul 31, 2021

Exploring UFOs/UAPs In Media: UFO Hunters: Multiple Orb Sightings Raise Suspicions/Fears/Terror (Watch People Get Very Scared At The Thought Of Encountering A UFO)

With the confirmation of UFOs/UAPs by the Pentagon, other stories about UFOs in the media take on more significance. Here is one when you hear testimony of some people who think they have encountered UFOs and are freaking out (with all the symptoms of fear and shock, as they do when they spot satellites from Space X and anything else in the sky they don't recognize immediately) showing they are probably not prepared to deal with UFOs/UAPs or anything out of the ordinary. 

UFO Hunters: Multiple Orb Sightings Raise Suspicions (S3, E10) | Full Episode | History

There's a growing phenomenon of alleged UFO sightings known as Orbs. Witnesses who see the Orbs also report having dreams, premonitions, and a deep fear. 

Full Episodes Of 'UFO Hunters' Relevant To What's Already Been Confirmed By The Pentagon

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