Jun 23, 2020

Lost History: Dinosaurs In Ancient Popular Culture - The Stegosaurus At Angkor Wat (12th Century)

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Given that it is considered that dragons may be an ancient interpretation of Dinosaur fossils ... could dinosaurs have made it into culture in other ways as well? It seems like that may be the case. Here is a 12th century temple;

Stegosaurus Carved at Angkor Wat? The Mystery of the Dinosaur Carving at Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia - A brief video visiting the strange stegosaurus carving at Ta Prohm Temple in the Angkor Wat complex. Is it a dinosaur, or simply another creature with 'decoration'? It is at least 800 years old

The image carved into the temple is easily a good enough imaginative work by someone adding flesh to bones artistically. 

The carving is not as accurate as modern reconstructions, but it is a carving on a temple. At some point this became a religious symbol OR it may be a symbol of some house/tribe that contributed to building the temple. 

Wikipedia: 1901 life restoration of S. ungulatus by Charles R. Knight with paired dorsal plates and eight tail spikes

Wikipedia: Mounted composite skeleton referred to S. ungulatusCarnegie Museum of Natural History

This dinosaur carving was found close enough to where dinosaur fossils are found in China to have easily made it to coast;

The dinosaur fossil location as shown at 5:16 in a PBS video (very close to the carving at the temple):

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