Nov 18, 2019

Andrew Collins: From Göbekli Tepe to Stonehenge: A Cosmic Blueprint 10,000 BC

Andrew Collins: From Göbekli Tepe to Stonehenge: A Cosmic Blueprint 10,000 BC - FULL LECTURE

Info: Göbekli Tepe in Southeast Turkey is one of archaeology's hottest properties at the moment. It consists of a series of megalithic enclosures nearly 12,000 years old, containing T-shaped pillars, carved with images of animals, humans and geometric forms. Andrew Collins, who has been studying the Proto-Neolithic world of SE Turkey for over twenty years now, and first visited Göbekli Tepe back in 2004, reveals its cosmic blueprint, showing that its oldest, womb-like enclosures are aligned to the opening of the Milky Rift's Dark Rift in the area of the Cygnus constellation. Andrew shows the significance of the discoveries being made at Göbekli Tepe to other key ancient monuments and sacred places of the ancient world, including the Great Pyramid, Baalbek, Karahunj stone circle complex in Armenia, and Stonehenge, where new evidence suggests that England's premiere ancient monument might be as old as Göbekli Tepe itself. Andrew Collins is a historical writer and explorer living in the United Kingdom. He is the author of more than a dozen books that challenge the way we perceive the past. They include From the Ashes of Angels (1996), which establishes that the Watchers of the book of Enoch and the Annunaki of the Sumerian texts are the memory of a shamanic elite that catalyzed the Neolithic revolution in the Near East at the end of the last Ice Age; Gateway to Atlantis (2000), which pins down the source of Plato's Atlantis to the Caribbean island of Cuba and the Bahaman archipelago; and The Cygnus Mystery (2007), which shows that the constellation of Cygnus has been universally venerated as the place of first creation, and the entrance to the sky-world, since Paleolithic times. In 2008 Andrew and colleague Nigel Skinner Simpson discovered a previously unrecorded cave complex beneath the Pyramids of Giza, which has brought him worldwide acclaim. It is a story told in his book Beneath the Pyramids (2009). Andrew's book Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods (2013) is published by Bear and Company.

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