Feb 9, 2019

The Daily Show Does The Media - Part 5 (2000)

WOLF BLITZER PT. 2 3/15/2000 Wolf Blitzer finally admits that the news media distorts everything.

HEADLINES - MIRROR, MIRROR, ON THE BLOCK 3/14/2000 Tribune Media will acquire the Times Mirror Company in a multi-billion dollar deal.

HEADLINES - WITHOUT A KLUTE 1/5/2000 Like so many other couples, media mogul Ted Turner and actress Jane Fonda issued their press release announcing their separation from their own broadcasting headquarters.

ERIC ALTERMAN PT. 2 3/17/2003 Eric Alterman rips the media's effect on the 2000 election, saying their hatred of Al Gore was the reason Bush was close enough to steal the election.

The Daily Show Does The Media

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